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Explore the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota in a virtual campus tour.

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Explore CE+HD

Visit the departments and common areas of CEHD across the Twin Cities campus on the East Bank and St Paul.

  • 360° Image Tour - Available Offline
  • 360° Video Tour - Internet Connection Required
  • VR Mode Optimized for Google Cardbaord.
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Image Tour

Explore CEHD's departments and common areas around campus in a 360° image tour.

Video Tour

Visit select locations around campus in an immersive 360° video tour.


Both tours are optimized to work with a Google Cardboard viewer. Attend the Spring Assembly on April 19th to explore with a Cardboard viewer. Or, get your own viewer.

  • This app was developed for the College of Education and Human Development by Digital Education & Innovation.

  • Pete McCauley Media Producer
  • Travis Galloway Developer
  • Alazar Zewde Developer
  • Shirwa Mohamed Developer