Achievement First is Hiring for 2013-14 Positions

Achievement First is a growing network of non-profit, high-performing, K to 12 urban public charter schools in Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island. Our schools are focused on providing scholars with the academic and character skills they need to graduate from top colleges and to serve as the next generation of leaders in our communities. Achievement First currently operates 22 schools and will open 10-15 additional schools over the next five years. Teachers participate in the Achievement First Teacher Career Pathway, a systematic, coordinated approach to recognizing and developing great teachers as they progress through five career stages. These stages were developed to celebrate excellent teachers and are accompanied by increased compensation, recognition and professional growth opportunities. We strive to recruit a talented and diverse team of educators, and we believe our students are best served by a team that represents the global community for which our students are being prepared. For more information about Achievement First and to apply online, please visit our website at
NY Immediate Opening – Great opportunity for December graduates!
· Middle school math teacher
CT and NY School-Based Opportunities
· Classroom teachers (all levels)
· Special education teachers (all levels)
· Physical education, music, art, and theater teachers
· Academic Deans
· Deans of School Culture
· Director of School Operations
· Operations Associate
· Principal’s Executive Assistant
· Office Coordinator
· Regional Superintendent (New Haven, CT)
RI School-Based Opportunities
· Kindergarten classroom teachers
· First grade classroom teachers
· K-1 special education teachers
· Physical education, music, art, and theater teachers
· Dean of School Culture
· Academic Dean
· Principal’s Executive Assistant
· Office Coordinator
Network Support Opportunities
· Director, Leadership Development
· Regional Associate Director of Special Services Achievement
· Associate Director, Math Achievement Grades 9-12
· Associate Director, Governance
· Associate Art Director
· Associate, Network Support Performance
· Associate, Information Technology
· Associate, Teacher Career Pathway Operations
· Coordinator, External Relations
· Coordinator, Finance
· School Accountant
· Data Analyst Intern
· Data Fellow, Chief External Officer Teams
· Student Recruitment Fellow