Apply to be a 2013 Orientation Leader!

Help provide a seamless transition from high school to college for incoming first-year students during Freshmen Orientation. By being an Orientation Leader, you have the opportunity to impact over 5,500 first-year students while developing your own personal leadership style, not to mention the $3,500 stipend plus room and board you will receive during the summer! Click here for more information about being a vital presence in the Class of 2017 first-year experience!


Staff or Faculty Member:
Nominate a student to be a 2013 Orientation Leader
Orientation & First-Year Programs are accepting applications to be 2013 Orientation Leaders! If there is a student you know who might make a great Orientation Leader, we would appreciate your help by nominating them.
When nominating students, please keep in mind that Orientation Leaders are selected based on their ability to work well with others, communicate effectively, commit to a rigorous schedule. They must display public relations skills and maturity of judgment. Additionally, they need to have patience, flexibility, strong organizational skills, and be willing and ready to learn. They should be resourceful and capable of assuming a leadership position with little supervision. More information regarding the position can be found here. Please note that first-year students are not eligible for the Orientation Leader position.
To nominate a student, please respond with the student’s name and Internet ID.
Thanks you so much for your help and cooperation, we really appreciate it!
Ben Wunrow (
Student Program Coordinator
Orientation & First-Year Programs