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Employer Spotlight | Fraser

Describe your organization.
Fraser serves children and adults with more than 60 types of mental and physical disabilities, and is Minnesota’s largest and most experienced provider of autism services. Fraser School provides childcare and early childhood education for young children with typical needs and special needs. Fraser offers an array of housing and in-home support options for people with disabilities in the Twin Cities area. Our programs are nationally recognized for their high quality, innovation, and individualized, family-centered approach.
What do your employees enjoy about Fraser? What are some of the challenges they face?
In our recently annual survey, Fraser employees stated that they love the work they do in working with the clients. Fraser employees across the organization derive satisfaction in contributing to the mission and vision of Fraser. In addition to the value they find in their work, Fraser employees enjoy flexibility in their jobs, opportunities for personal and career growth while enjoying a collaborative work environment with great co-workers!
Fraser is a rapidly expanding non-profit as we seek to provide quality services to clients. Our vision is to provide regional services so that clients never have to travel more than 35 miles or 35 minutes from their homes. As we expand to new locations, employees are continuously challenged to work collaboratively and strategically in order to contribute to best practices in Autism services while continuing to provide the quality of service that clients have come to expect from established locations.
When you are looking for employees, what do you search for?
-We seek employees who are passionate about the Fraser mission which is “to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of children, adults and families with special needs. We accomplish this by providing education, healthcare and housing services.”
-In addition to being passionate about the mission of Fraser, we all seek employees who would serve as an example of the Fraser Employee Credo “I am passionate for the client, I am committed to success and I value relationships”
-We look for employees who are positive, team oriented and promote/embrace change.
Do you have any tips to share with students or business professional that are looking to enter the workforce?
-Always submit an updated resume and cover letter explaining why you are interested in working for the company
-Resumes – ensure your resume displays your skill sets accurately to show how your background aligns with the requirements of the position you applied for.
-Research the company to make sure the culture and job are the right fit for you!
Fraser has a variety of part time and full time opportunities available across all divisions, if you are interested in employment with Fraser, please go to our website to submit an application at

Human Resources & Business Marketing Employer Recruitment Event

This recruitment event will be held on Thursday, November 7th, 2013 from 2:30-4:30pm in the STSS Interview Center, Room 524. This annual career event for HRD and BME majors attracts a range of employers with several internship and career opportunities! They are interested specifically in meeting our HRD and BME students! Please come prepared to talk about your knowledge and experiences with our invited employers. Bring your resume and dress to impress!
Check out more information on GoldPASS.

Teaching Temps Employment Open House

Open House Nov 12 2013.JPGTeaching Temps, Inc. is hosting an Employment Open House on November 12th from 10am-2pm! This open house is for interested candidates to come and learn more about Teaching Temps in a low key, no pressure environment. If you’ve ever wonder what they do, this is your chance to find out!
Teaching Temps offer employment for licensed teachers, educational assistants, and early childhood staff. Working for them is a great way to fine-tune your teaching skills, explore the Twin Cities education market and gain a variety of hands-on experience. They also offer long-term and permanent placement, hands-on-experience and competitive wages! They are dedicated to the success of teachers and will work with you to advance your careers.
Find out more information on Facebook! Interested candidates can RSVP here.
If you are unable to attend the job fair, but are interested in employment, please email your resume!

Info Sessions for Graduate Programs in Multicultural College Teaching & Learning

Want to learn more about graduate programs in Multicultural College Teaching and Learning? Attend one of the following information sessions hosted by the Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning! This informational opportunity will provide answers to your questions about graduate programs, career options, and the application process. Come discuss how these programs may fit into your overall career goals of working in higher education! The first session will be held Wednesday, October 23rd, from 5:00‐6:00 pm in 211A Burton Hall. The next session will be held November 5th, from 4:00‐5:00 pm in 211A Burton Hall. Feel free to attend an open class on October 30th 4:15-7:00 PM in Burton Hall room 227. The class will be PsTL 5106 Multicultural Teaching and Learning in Postsecondary Contexts. Come to an open class on November 12th 4:30-7:20 PM at STSS in room 432B. This course will be PsTL 5212 Multicultural Theories of College Student Development Applied to Teaching and Learning!
PsTL Graduate Information sessions – Fall 2013-1 (1).pdf
Contact Rhiannon Williams, Recruitment Coordinator, with questions at
Visit the PsTL website at:

Minnesota Reading and Math Corps

October 2013: Employer of the Month: Minnesota Reading and Math Corps
Describe your organization.
Minnesota Reading Corps and Math Corps provide rigorous training to literacy and math tutors who serve one year in a Minnesota school. Tutors, who serve as AmeriCorps members, help children get on track to read successfully by the end of third grade or become algebra-ready by eighth grade. Tutors commit to 11 months, during which they grow their own skills and network and earn money for student loans or tuition costs, all while making an impact on children’s lives. Immediate openings are available and can be seeing by clicking on this map. Those interested can apply at or The application to become a tutor in the 2014-15 program year opens December 15.
What do your employees enjoy about Minnesota Reading and Math Corps? What are some of the challenges they face?
Tutors say the biggest reward of serving is building meaningful relationships with their students and watching them grow their reading or math skills to reach grade level. Most tutors who are recent college grads say they join to start their career in a meaningful way. Some are interested in becoming educators and Reading Corps or Math Corps provides a foot in the door at a school, but others see the year as a time to find direction in their undefined career. Because our programs are research-based, tutors implement a data-driven and scripted model. For some, that structure can be a challenge. However, when most tutors see the progress their students make, they strongly believe in being loyal to our model. Another challenge is stretching the AmeriCorps stipend to fit their financial needs. They plan accordingly and we encourage our applicants to only accept a position if they are certain the stipend will meet their needs.
When you are looking for employees, what do you search for?
Our tutors all care about making an impact on children’s lives. We look for that desire to work with youth and make a difference. Strong candidates are those who have experience working with youth, experience with previous service or volunteer work, who are committed to the 11 month experience and present a professional application.
Do you have any tips to share with students or business professionals that are looking to enter the workforce?
You must have self awareness. To interview well, to work and communicate well with others and to pursue your interests, you must reflect upon your own accomplishments, desires and moments of learning.
What sets your organization apart?
Our programs are unique in that we have grown to a size unknown to other state AmeriCorps programs in the country, and are seeing results now recognized nationally. Serving with Minnesota Reading Corps or Math Corps is to be a part of something that is truly having a real impact on Minnesota’s future.

Emerging Professionals Networking Event

Are you a recent alumni or emerging professional? Come to a Professional Networking Event on October 29th, 5:50pm-7:30pm at 612 Brew in Minneapolis. This event will include food, brewery tour, tasting and cash bar! A reporter from the Star Tribune (and UMN alum) will talk about how she identifies the best of the Twin Cities scene in articles she writes.
Register and get more information:

Success Story | Razia Shariff, Elementary Education ILP

Name: Razia Shariff 2013-10-14_1030.png
U of MN Program: Elementary Education ILP, MEd
When did you graduate: December 2012
Employer: Saint Paul Public Schools, Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented Magnet
Position: 6th Grade English Language Arts Teacher
1. How did you learn about your current position?
I learned about it from the principal. After I graduated (in December), I decided to substitute teach for the remainder of the school year and look for something permanent for the following school year. I used that time while substitute teaching to network as much as I could and work in different schools in a variety of positions. I wanted to gain as much experience across the elementary spectrum as I could, so I took jobs in grades K-6, as well as special education and gifted specialist positions. I had substituted at Capitol Hill a couple of times and kept in touch with teachers and administration in the building, and I found out about the opening when chatting with the principal. Don’t be shy about introducing yourself and chatting, as you never know where it might take you.
2. Describe the application and interview process.
I had my portfolio, resume, and cover letter ready to take to the job fair in April. Going to the job fair was essential to my job search process. I took an unpaid day off to do it. I had my heart set on Saint Paul Public Schools, but it was a tough year to get an elementary position with them (due to changing 6th grades to middle school and many teachers staying in elementary positions). I interviewed with two districts that day and got my name out to a lot of others. My interview with Minneapolis Public Schools that day was scheduled towards the end of the day, and consisted of meeting two representatives in a curtained room in the back of the auditorium. During interviews, I am truthful and authentic. Nothing is more boring to an interviewer than someone giving you canned answers and a fake smile. They are looking for people who make them excited, because those are the ones who will make students excited in the classroom. Make it genuine and give a great reason for why you want to educate. I was offered contracts with Minneapolis Public Schools and a charter school the following week.
3. How did you make yourself stand out during the job search?
One thing I was nervous about at first was having a master’s degree before I came into my own classroom. I asked a couple of teachers and administrators for advice if I should wait to pursue the final degree before I had my first job. The feedback I received was ultimately, principals and districts are looking for a quality teacher, and they will pay if they believe you are the right fit. Having a master’s degree and a master’s project I strongly believed in was something that helped me to stand out (I completed my final master’s project on the SEM-R reading program). I also prepared a lot for the job fair, by taking the advice of the online resources to prepare for interviews, and researching some of the different districts and schools I knew would be there (specifically their philosophies and curriculum). Finally, I followed a teacher’s advice and had some personal business cards printed up to hand out (I also handed these to schools and teachers I substituted for). When I was designing these, I nervously took her advice and put a headshot of myself on the card. I felt a little silly doing it at first, but it was something that made me stand out a lot, especially while networking and interviewing. One of my interviewers at the job fair remarked that it helped her to remember who I was during the day, since she had met so many potential applicants already. I’m glad I decided to do it!
4. Looking back, what did you find to be the most helpful during the job search process?
Networking as much as I could was the best thing I had done. I kept in touch with many people over my years in school, and I pitched in at times when they needed a hand. Any time you do that, it will be remembered! A teacher whose room I had volunteered in a few years ago introduced me to her colleagues and principal after school one day to pass out business cards and get my name out there for sub assignments. The school I did that at is my new school, and I have the privilege of already being acquainted with many of my new colleagues.
5. Did you utilize career services (on-campus interviews, career events, appointment(s), online resources)? If so, what was your experience like?
I used a couple of different career services resources. I scheduled a meeting to evaluate my resume and cover letter, which was extremely helpful. I thought I knew how to do it, but I really needed help with streamlining and lingo. I was shown how to structure a resume for the world of education, what to highlight, and how to word it. I was able to present a clean and to-the-point resume, cover letter, and portfolio based on this advice. I also found some online resources (on the Career Services website) to be very helpful, especially during the interviewing process. I put a lot of energy into preparing for the job fair, and took in as much information about it to prepare.
6. What advice would you like to share with others about your experience finding a position?
Have confidence in your abilities and your answers. This program is so well rounded and prepares you so fully for teaching. It’s totally natural to have butterflies about it all, but have confidence in what you’ve learned and how to apply it; time and experience will fill in the rest. Remember too, every student that walks into your classroom is someone’s treasure. Someone told me that years ago, and I tucked it into my pocket. If you remember those two things, your sincerity in educating will come across and you will land that position!

MCAE Scholarship and Internship Fair

The Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE) is hosting its annual Scholarship and Internship Information Fair for multicultural undergraduate students on Tuesday, October 22nd from 10:00am-1:00pm. It is open to UMTC students from all colleges. This event is held in the President’s Room of Coffman Memorial Union.
There will be scholarship experts and organizations on site to answer questions. A variety of local corporations, government agencies, and University programs will be recruiting for internship and job opportunities within their organizations. Campus career services will provide onsite resume critiques and GoldPASS assistance. Register at by October 15 (You must be logged into your UMN email to register).
More information in the flyer below!
2013 flier_updated FINAL.doc

Teaching Temps Employment Fair

Teaching Temps are having an Employment Fair on October 8th from 3-6pm for people to come and learn more about them!
Teaching Temps offers FT and PT employment for licensed teachers, educational assistants, and early childhood staff. Working for Teaching Temps is a great way for a teacher to fine-tune their teaching skills, experience others’ classrooms and get ideas. They are dedicated to the success of their teachers and will work with them to advance their careers!
Interested candidates can RSVP HERE!

The KIN, REC & SMGT Professional Experience Series

CEHD Career Services, as well as your College and Department advisers are putting on a professional workshop series geared at helping you prepare your materials and find experience within your major and field.
Got (Need) Experience! Preparing for experience in REC, SMGT and KIN 
Thursday October 10th at 3pm 325 Ed. Sci.
Finding the Experience: How to use GoldPASS 
Wednesday October 16th, 3pm, 325 Ed Sci.
(bring your computer or tablet)
Market your Experience: Effective resume writing! 
Wednesday October 23rd, 3pm, 325 Ed Sci.
(bring a draft of your resume)
You are encouraged to attend as many as you can. Students who attend all 3 will be entered into a drawing for giftcards to Mesa Pizza. Please RSVP to one, two or all three: KIN, REC and SMGT Professional Experience Series!
More Information: HERE