Barnes Kiven | Job & Internship Fair


Barnes Kiven (pictured on right) is a freshmen at the University of Minnesota in the College of Education and Human Development. On Friday February, 20th he attended the UMN Job and Internship Fair. He shared with us his experience at the fair!

What inspired you to attend the UMN Job and Internship Fair as a Freshman?                  

I am currently pursuing a career in the business world. Knowing how competitive it will be, I know that I have get a head-start. I have to find a way to distinguish myself from all other students. Hence, I attended the job fair because I want to get my name out there to different employers in Minnesota. I wanted to start building a steady network.

How did CEHD Career Services help to prepare you for the fair?
CEHD Career services offered various events that helped me prepare for this fair. Two weeks prior, they hosted a Kinesiology and Sports Management fair. This was a smaller event and it helped me assess what to expect on the bigger career fair. CEHD Career Services also held a resume critique workshop which helped me shape my resume into an accurate reflection of my abilities.
What were challenges you faced at the fair?
What challenged me most was the fact that being a freshman, most employers were not interested in me. They were mostly looking for juniors and seniors who are soon to be graduates in the workforce. I struggled to point out reasons why I was equally a considerable candidate for internships or summer jobs.
Overall, how was your experience at Fair?
Overall, I was satisfied with my experience. Not only was I able to distribute my resume to employers, I was also able to built my network with employers and added a few LinkedIn connections.
What tips and advice do you have for other students planning on attend a job fair?
Do a little research prior to the fair on the employers that you are interested in. This will help you to easily open up a dialogue with an employer as you already know what they are looking for. Even if you are not familiar with the company, still walk up to them. There were some employers that I was reluctant to visit, but eventually greatly benefited from our conversation. Be professional!