Career of the Week- Coach

Coach_with_team_in_pregame_huddle_2.jpgFor many children, having a person in their life who believed in them and encouraged them helped to encourage them to pursue a constructive future. Sports can be a powerful way to connect kids with outlets for their talents and abilities and encourage them to success.
A coach plays a pivotal role in the athletic experience. From ensuring that development occurs to leading the charge to victory to processing through a defeat, the coach models appropriate competition and builds up the team.
Whether you are looking to coach a professional organization or a neighborhood team, a degree in Sports Management can be a great place to start. The business and leadership skills gained through this program can be invaluable in a coach’s role. The field of coaching anticipates above average growth over the next 10 years. If athletics are an important part of your life and you want to encourage that passion in the lives of others, then following the path can provide you the career you have always dreamed about.
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