Career of the Week– Employee Training Specialists

Do you love to teach others, enjoy high levels of social contact, work as part of a team, are exceptionally organized? Check out a career as an Employee Training Specialists!!!
Employee training specialists conduct orientation sessions for new employees, arrange on the-job training for employees, set up courses to help current employees maintain their skills, and screen hire, and assign workers to positions. Being an employee training specialist gives you the opportunity to work for your own firm or under contract with other companies to promote employment and the most well rounded employees. They are also responsible for hiring instructors for training sessions, monitoring the effectiveness of the training programs, and budgeting for programs that are implemented in the workplace. If you enjoy learning new things and surrounding yourself with new techniques and knowledge this a great career for you. With the large array of duties employee training specialists do, they must keep up to date on new ideas and techniques.
To obtain a degree in this field, check out the Human Resource Development program CEHD has to offer. This degree would prepare you for this rewarding and much in demand career. With the increasing complexity of many jobs, employee training specialists will be needed to provide job-specific training programs.
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