Career of the Week– Ergonomics Specialists

Are you interested in human behavior? Do you have excellent attention to detail and exceptional problem-solving skills? Check out a career as an Ergonomics Specialist!
WHAT: Ergonomics specialists consult with clients on ways to control workplace hazards and create a safe and productive work environment. They also provide ergonomic assessments to employers by observing, analyzing and documenting workers’ movements and actions, reviewing incident investigations to identify risk trends and then presenting their recommendations. Basically ergonomics specialists study human capabilities in relationship to work demands. Think about a job where you sit and check out groceries. Ergonomic specialists observe and make sure that chairs, scanning belt heights, floors, etc are all creating a safe and productive work environment for the employee and the organization.
WHERE: Ergonomic specialists can be employed with small or large corporations, be employed with multiple organizations and have the ability to travel quite a bit. Some specific examples are Wellness Centers, Hospitals, Grocery Store corporations, ect.
HOW DO I GET THERE: Being knowledgeable about human body movements, wellness, prevention strategies, and having ample experience through jobs, internships or volunteering will set you on a great path to becoming an ergonomic specialist. Check out a degree in Kinesiology to give you some of the background and knowledge needed for an Ergonomics career. If this career is appealing to you, be sure to surround yourself with as many related experiences as you can while pursuing your degree.
JOB OUTLOOK: National salary data on indicated that ergonomics specialists ranged between $55,073 and $108,283 as of August 2010 with an average salary of $77, 654.
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