Career of the Week– Outside Sales Representatives

Check out a career as an Outside Sales Representative. If you have an outgoing personality, feel comfortable talking, persuading, and negotiating one on one with people, and the ability to aim high to reach sales goals, this may be a career for you!
According to Money/, Outside Sales Representatives are ranked in the TOP 50 for Best Jobs In America. Well what do they do? Outside Sales Reps, “Monitor market conditions, product innovations, and competitors’ products, prices, and sales in an effort to sell their company’s products or services” (CNNMoney, 2012). This career allows you to work with people on a day to day basis to determine their wants and needs. By working closely with people and gaining their trust, Outside Sales Reps will establish an excellent sales record. And because most Outside Sales Reps operate on commission sales with possible base pay, developing this trust and relationship with customers is essential to your success.
Outside Sales Representatives work in a variety of settings, organizations, and companies depending on their interests. This career allows you to travel on a daily basis to sell whatever it is your company sells. If you get bored being in one spot, this may be a career for you.
Now how do you obtain a job as an Outside Sales Representative? Seeking a degree in Business and Marketing in CEHD will give you the skills you need to be on your way to a successful Outside Sales Rep. Additionally you should supplement this with hands on experience in sales early on by obtaining an internship or additional experiences in this field. Check out GoldPass to find these opportunities!
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