Career of the Week– Recreation Workers

“If you enjoy working with people and being active, and you want a career that is fun, fulfilling and allows you to have the satisfaction of knowing that the work that you do improves the fitness, wellness and quality of life of others, then Recreation is the career for you.”
What:Recreation workers plan, organize, and direct activities in local playgrounds and recreation areas, parks, community and senior centers, nursing homes, camps, and tourist attractions. Not only that, but recreation workers can also work for businesses where they direct leisure activities for employees and organize sports leagues. Having a career as a Recreation worker allows you to do what you enjoy and specialize in what you are interested in. As you can see, the opportunities are numerous and broad; from nature parks, sports programs, tourism and vacationing, to working with children programs.
How do I get there:The education and training requirements vary widely depending on the type of job. Full time career options require a 4-year degree. So if you are interested in the rewarding career of Recreation Workers, check out a Bachelor of Science degree in CEHD Recreation, Park, and Leisure Studies. This program will give you the necessary skills and qualification to obtain a position in this field. Another important aspect to consider is surrounding yourself with as many experiences as you can through internships and volunteering so you find what you enjoy and are interested in. These experiences will also greatly assist you in finding a job after graduation and you will find yourself being more prepared.
Outlook:“The recreation, park, and leisure industry is a growing field with an increasing demand for high-quality, well-trained, dedicated professionals.” The Occupational Outlook Handbook states that Recreation Workers job outlook is expected to grow FASTER THAN AVERAGE.
Additional Resources:
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