Career of the Week- Recruiter

recruiter.jpgFinding the right person for the right job can be a challenging endeavor. However, successfully finding the perfect fit of job and employee can be incredibly rewarding. Businesses are coming to that understanding more and more each year. This has opened the door for Recruiters to be a valued member of a Human Resources team.
This position rewards those who love to network and connect with other professionals. It also works great for those who are creative and use out of the box methods to find the best workers. Strong communication skills are also essential as a Recruiter is working with people both within the organization and those outside.
If this type of role is intriguing to you, then a major in Human Resources Development is the perfect place to start! This major can provide you with the business knowledge, interpersonal skills, and understanding of legal requirements necessary to be a successful recruiter. If you are interested in learning more about this profession, you can check it out on:
Occupational Outlook Handbook