Career of the Week- Youth Corrections Officer

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In October, there were 4653 reported law violations in the City of Minneapolis. Of those arrested for these crimes, over 17% were juveniles.
Corrections Officers work in the jails and prisons throughout the United States to provide a structured environment for those who have been sentenced for crimes. Currently, 5100 people in the state of Minnesota work as corrections officers. Many of them work with youth. Based on data from 2001, nearly 25% of youth who committed a crime at age 16 or 17 re-offended within 2 years.
As a Corrections Officer, you can provide support and direction to youth who have committed various crimes. A Youth Studies degree can help provide a foundation from which you can meaningfully impact the lives of youth who have been convicted of a crime. It also provides you an inside look at the correctional system, providing opportunities to make changes from the inside.
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