Career of the Week-Parent Educator

Do you love to teach? Do you love children? Are you passionate about teaching but unsure of teaching in a strictly K-12? If so, then this career may be for you!
Parent Educators plan, coordinate and teach parent education programs and offer services for families with children from early childhood through adolescence. These educators focus their topics on intellectual, emotional, cultural, social, and physical needs of parents and children. Not only will parent educators get to work in educational settings, but they will also get to work in preschools, child care centers, Head Start Programs, health care or social-service agencies and institutions, and faith-based settings. The main goals of educators will be to help parents guide their child through childhood toward healthy adulthood and enhance family relationships to promote family resiliency.
It is easy to obtain a degree in this field! The U of M offers certificate courses online! An individual can prepare themselves for this certificate program by majoring in Early Childhood Education Foundations, Elementary Education Foundations, Family Social Science or Youth Studies through the College of Education and Human Development.
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