Career of the Week-Social and Community Service Managers

Are you passionate about making a difference in yours or others’ communities? Do you enjoy having a high level of social contact?
Social and community service managers plan and direct social service programs. Planning could include preparing and maintaining reports and budgets. They are able to work in public and private agencies and the agencies can be large or small. An example of an organization to work for is the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. It is important for social and community service managers to build relationships with other community agencies to prevent duplicating services. In many agencies, they work directly with clients. There are many opportunities to lead other people including supervising and assigning duties to staff and volunteers. Social and community service managers direct the overall operation of an agency. They interview, hire and train new staff. In addition, managers observe staff in order to evaluate their performance. They also observe volunteers and advise them how to improve their skills.
Social and community service managers create policies and decide which services will be offered. Meaning they first gather information then research community needs and review local reports. Managers also consult with individuals and committees in the agency or the community. They report to and consult with the board of directors. In large organizations that have more than one manager, they report to the agency director. In addition, managers prepare records and reports. For example, they develop budgets, keep staff records, and write training manuals.
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A degree in Business Marketing Education or Family Social Science from the U of M are a great way to begin this career!
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