CEHD Strengths Spotlight | Rachel Fritz, CEHD Student

At the University of Minnesota and in CEHD we feel every student has what they need to be successful. We believe in taking a strengths based approach and work with students to learn to use their talents so they can be developed into strengths.
What are your top 5 talent themes?
My top talent themes are Positivity, Empathy, Adaptability,
Connectedness, and Developer.
In what ways do you use your talents each day?
Positivity is something I strive to incorporate into my everyday life. When something bad or negative happens I always try to look on the bright side and treat it as a learning experience that will help make me a better person. I believe that everything is what you make it, and if you can make the absolute worst situation into a better one then you will be a much happier person.
Empathy is an important talent that has driven my career path of wanting to become a social worker. I have always been the person to turn to in my group of friends when they are having a bad day or problem because they are most comfortable talking to me. I am in tune with people’s feelings and I love when people trust me with their secrets and problems. I can easily put myself into their positions and have an understanding of the emotions their experiencing, good or bad.
Adaptability is closely incorporated to positivity and making the best out of every situation. I don’t mind a change in my surroundings, in fact new opportunities allow me to thrive. I live in the moment and enjoy being spontaneous instead of planning everything out. I go with the flow and don’t let petty things stress me out by letting life come as it is.
Connectedness is spot on because my personal mantra in life is “everything happens for a reason.” I believe that everything that each person experiences in life is meant to be and there is a specific and sometimes unknown purpose. I accept all sorts of different people into my life and believe that each person is put into my life for a different reason. To learn something from them, engage in a deep relationship, or even learn something new about myself. I often sense bonds with particular people and strive to connect with those that I lack a bond with.
Developer is one of my strongest talents and traits. I tend to always see the good in people and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I see potential in everybody because we are all unique individuals with a great amount to offer. I often place others before myself and have a few close friends with very strong bonds versus a lot of friends with weaker relationships.
How have you sought to develop your talent themes?
After reading and learning about each of my themes I began to think about the ways in which I could contribute my strengths in this world. I am definitely a people person and my relationships that so deeply connect me with others have helped me to realize why I was put on this earth. Learning more about myself has only reiterated my dreams for becoming a social worker and touching others lives.
Which talent themes fit you best and why?
Empathy most definitely fits me the best and was actually my number one strength. I am always trying to relate to other people which is part of being empathetic and feeling what others feel. I always think about others and I cause people to easily open up to me because I am a good listener.
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