Employer Spotlight | Coenen Bros.

Answered by: Ken Coenen, Coenen Bros. Partner
Describe your organization.
For the past 8 years, Coenen Bros. has been exclusively targeting and working with the best candidates in town, The Pro-Active™ candidates that consist of the top 10% of Finance professionals in the area. Thomas and Ken Coenen firmly believe that by getting back to the basics of recruiting–actually getting in the trenches to speak with candidates and forming relationships–is the only way to find these top tier candidates. This exclusive focus is part of the reason why Pro-Active™ candidates from Coenen Brothers stay at a company 3X’s longer and produce 50% more than traditional candidates.
To date, Coenen Brothers have worked with 23 of the 25 largest firms in Minneapolis and continue to build a reputation for working with Top Tier financial talent and doing so with integrity. As of 2013, Coenen Bros. has expanded our services to the Chicago market.
What do your employees enjoy about Coenen Bros? What are some of the challenges your employees face?
I really enjoy the culture at Coenen Bros…it’s important to like the job you are doing but even more important to like the people you work with! Every day at the office is fun and different. A challenge I face as a financial recruiter is not having full control over the candidates I work with…ultimately it is their decision on what to do with their careers!
When you are looking for employees, what do you search for?
We look for individuals who are outgoing, determined, have a fun spirit and a competitive drive. This job is all about forming relationships with professionals so we need people who are able to comfortably interact with strangers and form a strong working bond.
Do you have any tips to share with students or business professional that are looking to enter the workforce?
Advice that we often give our candidates is “company first, job second” and I think that holds true to all professionals. The reasoning behind this is that your job title is no doubt going to change frequently over your first five to ten years at a company, but the company culture and the type of people who work there will remain the same. Find a place where you know you’ll be happy and you’ll enjoy going to every day and focus less on the title you’ll be putting on your resume.