Elisabeth Charboneau, Secondary English MEd/ILP, shares her success

Name: Elisabeth Charboneau
Licensure Program: Secondary English (Communication Arts/Literature); Completed ILP June 2010
Employer: Spring Lake Park High School
Position: English Language Arts Teacher
Elisabeth Charboneau.jpg
Job Search
How did you learn about your current position?
I used websites, such as EdPost, to find out about the job I’m currently teaching.
Describe the application and interview process.
I applied at the end of August, just before school started. I wasn’t called for an interview until a few weeks later. The school was waiting for approval from the state to move an English teacher into an instructional coaching position and they were hiring someone to fill that vacant English position. I was interviewed by two associate principals and two English teachers at the school. I was called a couple of weeks later by the principal and had a brief phone interview with him before being offered the position. After a brief transition, I took over teaching classes about six weeks into the school year.
How did you make yourself stand out during the job search?
I think I made myself stand out during the job search by researching a lot of information about the school system. I found on their website that they had recently restructured their grading system, so I made sure to ask questions about that in the interview to show that I was well informed.
Looking back, what did you find to be the most helpful during job search process?
I think being diligent and optimistic was the most helpful thing during the job search process.
What advice would you like to share with others about your experience finding a teaching position?
Even when everyone around you seems to be getting jobs, never give up because a great job could be posted at the last minute.
Teaching Position
Describe your current position.
I am a full-time English language arts teacher at Spring Lake Park High School. I primarily teach 10th grade language arts, but I have also taught women’s literature and theater.
What do you most enjoy about your position?
I enjoy the collaboration among my colleagues. We have time set aside for meeting with other teachers every day, which is a huge advantage for a first-year teacher.
What are some of its challenges?
Classroom management has been my biggest challenge this year. It is not something that can be learned ahead of time and you have to figure out pretty quickly what your non-negotiables are.
Please share your advice to students entering the teaching profession.
Try to have a sense of humor about things–it makes even your worst days better.