Employer Spotlight: Boom Lab



Briefly describe your organization

Boom Lab, in partnership with ThreeBridge Solutions and Keyot, was founded on the idea that great consultants don’t need multiple degrees and three-piece suits. Consulting is a mindset that favors questions over answers and always puts the client first. We find the brightest new consultants, prepare them with world class training and deliver high-impact projects at our premier clients.

When you are looking for new employees, what do you search for?

We’re building a new generation of consultants by hiring talented Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Technology Analysts to join our growing teams across the Midwest. We hire individuals from a wide range of areas from English to Business/Management.

What does a typical training process look like for your organization?

Our training includes two weeks of intense project delivery methods, and builds based on role and experience as consultants grow their careers with Boom Lab.

Please describe your company culture

Our Boom Lab consultants excel in team environments, possess very strong communication skills, learn quickly, and help build creative solutions for our clients. Our team brings energy and excitement to the workplace, and grows together through training, mentorship, and giving back.

We are excited to meet you at the Business and Human Resources Career Fair on October 28th!