Employer Spotlight |Coenen Bros. Inc


Briefly describe your organization

At Coenen Bros., we represent pro-active finance, accounting & IT professionals who are interested in exploring options outside their current roles. 80% of the people we represent are not actively pursuing a new position, but are open to hearing about great roles they are qualified for. We specialize in recruiting top talent professionals from the Big Four public accounting firms, various regional public accounting firms, and public or private companies in a broad range of industries. Our clients include mid to large sized public and private companies as well as a limited number of elite, mid-sized public accounting firms.

What are the typical areas you focus on?

Tax, Audit, IT Audit, SEC reporting, Technical Accounting, Financial Analysts, Financial Planning & Analysis, IT Security, Application Development, Business Analyst, Project manager

What tips do have for students and alumni who are looking to enter your industry?

“The best time to start keeping an eye open for other opportunities is around the 2 or 3 year marker. At this point, you have established yourself in the public accounting world and are desirable to many hiring managers out there. Whether you are two months or two years out from making a move, it doesn’t hurt to start the conversation early!” – Big Four Alumni

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