Employer Spotlight: Hennepin County

Blue H - w -white Hennepin

Briefly describe your organization.

Hennepin County enhances the health, safety and quality of life to Hennepin County communities.It is a progressive public sector entity that employs more than 8,000 talented and diverse individuals at over 100 work sites. Headquarters and many services are located in downtown Minneapolis – easily accessible by bus and light rail.

Please describe your company culture. What do your employees enjoy about your organization?

Our employees remain at Hennepin County for the following:

  • Opportunity to grow professionally
  • Benefits
  • Stability and job security
  • Interesting work
  • Opportunity to work and give back to the community
  • Hennepin County’s reputation for being a respected employer
  • Life/work balance

 What are some challenges they face?

30% of  our workforce is eligible to retire in the next 6 years.

When you are looking for new employees, what do you search for?

First, because all of our positions have minimum qualifications – either education, experience or both- we focus on candidates who have or in the process of obtaining the required education.

Customer focus and integrity and trust are essential. Other traits are a positive attitude, the ability to communicate effectively with different audiences, and critical thinking skills.

What does a typical hiring process look like for your organization?

Applicants apply on line, applications are reviewed to determine a top group and the top group is then sent directly to the hiring supervisor. Hiring supervisor interviews and selects the hire. We have a decentralized hiring process

What tips do have for students and alumni who are looking to enter your industry?

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