Employer Spotlight: Target


Target is growing fast and we are currently looking for talented, driven individuals to lead our teams within our stores. Target focuses on our brand promise of Expect More, Pay Less. We strive to meet the needs of our guests and focus on our teams to help grow and improve our organization.

Please describe your company culture. What do your employees enjoy about your organization? What are some challenges they face?

The company culture of Target is what I love most about this company. In every role you feel the team atmosphere and everyone collaborates. Target focuses on the development of their team members at every level so you always feel like you’re growing. Target cares about their team and is able to make you feel valued through the recognition and training they provide. Target is ever changing so the ability to adapt and be open to new ideas is something that’s really important.

When you are looking for new employees, what do you search for?

Personally, when looking for a leader within a Target store we are open to diverse pool of candidates. We look at all majors and backgrounds because we want our teams to bring different perspectives and experiences to showcase their leadership. It is important that are leaders have a focus on our guest and their teams.

What does a typical hiring process look like for your organization?

It varies by position but our interview process usually entails a phone interview and then in person interview with our leaders. We ask a series of behavior based questions so we get a better grasp of their experiences.

What tips do have for students and alumni who are looking to enter your industry?

Take some time to understand the position you are applying for. Ensure you long term aspirations match the job description and that you see yourself as someone who could grow within the role you’re applying for.