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Briefly describe your organization

The Brewer Group, Inc. (TBG) is an industry agnostic investment company with assets ranging numerous sectors. Our relationships with key international decision makers spanning government development agencies, financial institutions, multinational corporations, NGOs and numerous leaders in sports and entertainment place TBG in a unique position to grow its portfolio. TBG takes pride in identifying companies whose goal is to make a social impact on the communities in which they serve.

Briefly describe your internship program.

Through our unique Associates Program, The Brewer Group offers interns a fully hands-on learning experience that gives them the opportunity to apply their existing knowledge in a professional environment. TBG’s Associates Program is designed to teach interns accountability and ownership required in today’s business world while encouraging innovation. Through a highly driven team oriented environment, our interns work directly with each other, the executive team and clients and are required to uphold the highest degree of professionalism. The intern is given opportunities to grow both on the job and through our four student learning outcomes. The Brewer Group takes pride in our organically grown workforce and the fact that our entire full-time staff and executive team has started as TBG interns. Additionally, interns that have gone through our Associates Program have ventured on to pursue positions at renowned organizations including Fortune 500 companies, the NFL, ESPN, PGA, governments, major banks and marketing firms.

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