Employer Spotlight: Velocity Sports Performance


As Minnesota’s premier sports performance training center, Velocity Sports Performance offers training in a positive, safe, and professional environment. Athletes in every sport, at all ages and all skill levels, have the opportunity to improve speed, agility, mobility and flexibility, and energy systems, while reducing the risk of sports-related injuries. Our Adult Fitness programs are designed for adults looking for a challenging training program. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a weekend warrior or just looking to stay active our classes will challenge you. Our proven training, elite curriculum and professional equipment allow athletes and like-minded adults the opportunity to train like the pros.

Describe your company culture.  What do your employees enjoy about your organization?
Velocity Sports Performance offers a relaxed sports environment with a young, energetic and passionate staff. We offer an opportunity dedicated to spreading the joy of sports achievement, and providing you with business and life skills that set you apart from the rest.

What are some challenges they face?
The sports and fitness environment is continuously changing, which keeps us on our toes. Finding ways to communicate the importance of sports performance training so that athletes deem it necessary to continue participation in the world of sports can be challenging at times.

 When you are looking for new employees, what do you search for?
Velocity Sports Performance at times can be a very fast paced environment, at the same time there may be down times. Finding an employee that is organized, hardworking and proactive is vital to our success.

What does a typical hiring process look like for your organization?
With the ebb and flow of the sports training season, we are constantly hiring part time sports performance coaches. A large majority of them are hired from within. Rise above the rest during your internship and you could be next on the list. Furthermore, with multiple locations and new training partnerships every day, the need for a part time operations manager is imminent.

What tips do have for students and alumni who are looking to enter your industry?
Do the little things, work hard and be proactive to put yourself a step above the rest. Connect with co-workers and clients and use your resources.

Velocity Sports Performance Facility:

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