Employer Spotlight: Youth Enrichment League

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Youth Enrichment League is an after school and summer camp enrichment provider for kids across Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, and Colorado. We believe that each child has certain gifts and abilities they are given, and by providing quality enrichment to those children we can then nurture those gifts and abilities.

What do your employees enjoy about your organization?

Youth Enrichment League’s Three Pillars of Excellence

  1. Influence – Make a difference in a child’s day.
  2. Implement – Your yes is your yes, and your no is your no. If you agree to a class, schedule, sub assignment, we take you at your word that you will honor your commitment. The other facet to this pillar is implementing the curriculum and guidelines we have given.
  3. Individuals – Children are gifts to their parents, their schools, and their communities. YEL teachers should interact with each child as a distinct, unique student.

YEL employees are bubbly, energetic, sincere, and truly have a passion for working with children. Our office staff strives to ensure that each teacher is fully prepared for each class that they teach. If any issues arise our teachers know that they can call our office and get help in any situation immediately.

What are some challenges they face?

The biggest challenge our employees face is classroom management. Working with children can be stressful, and managing a full classroom with up to 20 students on your own can be difficult. We need instructors who understand children, and know how to command a classroom and be able to teach a class while still allowing the kids to have fun in the process.

When you are looking for new employees, what do you search for?

We are really looking for individuals who want to make a difference in a child’s life every day they go to work. Our employees are reliable and dedicated to the students that they teach. They also have excellent communication skills, and reliable transportation.

What does a typical hiring process look like for your organization?

The first step of our hiring process is to go to our website, www.youthenrichmentleague.com, to fill out an application. After we have received your application a member of our staff will place a phone call to the applicant to answer any questions they might have about the position and set up an interview. After the interview a decision will be made within two business days.