Employer Interview

Peter Hodne, Principal
Highlands Elementary, Edina Public Schools

Please describe the hiring process and timeline for teachers at your school.
The most common time for hiring is near the end of the school year. April and May are generally the months when most hiring takes place. There is some hiring in June, less in July and a little more in August. There can be hiring during the school year but it is not as common. During the year we are more likely to hire people in long term substitute positions. When we have an opening we post the position on our website and screen applications. Once we have a pool of candidates we interview. The interview team consists of teachers, a parent and the principal.

In this competitive teacher job market, how can applicants stand out during the application and interview process?

We are looking for passion, skills, a determination to keep growing and a philosophical match. I think teachers applying for positions should talk about their education, their experiences and share their passion. Be yourself.
How do you recommend students from the MEd/ILP program speak about having their master’s degree, or credits toward their master’s degree, during their job search?
I believe that having your master’s degree is a benefit. You have a higher level of training and this will help you be a better teacher. I would talk about it when you are talking about your education, experiences and dedication.
What skills, abilities, and/or experiences have you appreciated most after hiring CEHD students?
We have hired a lot of teachers from the University of Minnesota. We appreciate their high level of training and development. They are knowledgeable and have a variety of experiences in different educational settings.
Please share your advice to students entering the teaching profession.
You have chosen a wonderful profession where you can make a difference for people every day. The successful teachers I know work hard every day and continue to grow as teachers and people.