Employer Spotlight | Minnesota United FC

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Describe your organization.
Under new ownership and rebranded at the beginning of the 2013 Season, Minnesota United FC is dedicated to making professional soccer sustainable in the state of Minnesota. Our position as a growing sports franchise creates a unique atmosphere where “start-up” meets pro sports team.

Please describe your company culture. What do your employees enjoy about your organization? What are some challenges they face?
Our company culture is smart, fast-paced, and hardworking. We are very much in a start-up culture, and growing quickly. Sometimes this is good, and sometimes it is challenging. There is a lot of opportunity to launch new ideas and projects, and improve on what was done before. We can only work within the capacity we have as an organization, so sometimes we have to make choices about priorities and timing. There are two distinct times in our workyear – the season and the offseason. Priorities are different in each one.

When you are looking for new employees, what do you search for?
Generally, we look for people who have bachelor’s degrees, preferably in sports management, business, or communications. We always like sports-specific experience, and look for people who have done at least one internship during school.

What does a typical hiring process look like for your organization?
Generally, we begin with phone interviews, and then in-person interviews. Sometimes we will do a second interview, and usually conclude the hiring process within a month. Many people participate in the interviews, including a representative from human resources, the hiring manager, and other executives in the front office.

What tips do have for students and alumni who are looking to enter your industry?
Passion is good, but doesn’t go a long way in making a candidate stand out in the application and interview process. It’s great if someone likes or plays soccer, but since we are not hiring soccer players, we are more interested in what non-soccer skills our employees will contribute toward making ours a successful club.

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Minnesota United FC representatives at the 2014 School of Kinesology Job and Internship Fair