Go4Grub LLC: on-campus interview

On-campus interview:
I wanted to give you the heads up that we just posted an on-campus interview schedule (Open Schedule, meaning students self-select and can add themselves directly to the schedule) on December 14th for Go4Grub LLC for a Campus Intern position, Schedule ID #2219 in GoldPASS.
Go4Grub LLC is a Minnesota based business that provides University of Minnesota’s students and local business’s an easy to use website that makes finding the right food, drink and meal deals convenient and enjoyable. Our goal is to create the most comprehensive and all-inclusive restaurant listings in the area. At Go4Grub we focus on three primary stake holders:
1. Students – We are committed to delivering to the student community a hassle free method to order food for delivery as well as take out. Whether a simple order for an individual studying alone or a large happy late night group at a dorm, we work tirelessly to ensure complete satisfaction. We believe that by providing a single source for online ordering, we are saving students valuable time and money.
2. Our Interns – Through our Go4Grub Intern Programâ„¢, we work closely with U of M Ambassadors, faculty and students to provide opportunities on campus for young entrepreneurs and business students. Besides building the students’ resume, our program helps develop the skills required to succeed in a very competitive economy. In return, we gain access to the finest, most creative and energetic students in the world. We believe our interns hold the key to our success and the success of our partnered restaurants.
3. Member Restaurants – These are our customers, small business owners, who by their very presence on campus are committing to support the U of M, its faculty, and of course, its students. We work closely with our partnered restaurants ensuring we maximize our value to them by delivering an ethical, profitable and collaborative business relationship.
Go4Grub.com eliminates the inconvenience of finding phone numbers, locating menus, waiting on hold and ordering errors. Go4Grub.com also offers awesome, EXCLUSIVE online ordering deals. Now you can order food & drink right from your computer, and soon your mobile device, from a comprehensive list of area restaurants offering a wide variety of choices. You can even pay with your debit or credit card.
Go4Grub.com will do everything in its power to provide the most beneficial online ordering service possible. We work towards this goal everyday as we continue to develop and deepen our relationships with our students, interns and restaurants. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with 100% satisfaction.