Going Global Career Update December 2011

We are pleased to provide you with a new issue of the Going Global e-newsletter with the latest information on a variety of international employment issues, legal requirements, work permit changes, cultural advice, and more.
The Going Global Job and Internship database has exploded to include more than 16 million listings from around the world! Now you can search in the local language and register for a job search agent for instant notification of new opportunities. All postings are updated daily.
Going Global’s unlimited access database now includes career guides for more than 80 locations, H1B visa employer listings, corporate profiles and worldwide job and internship postings. All of Going Global’s guides are written by in-country career experts and updated annually.
More than one million students depend on Going Global to locate employment opportunities both at home and abroad.
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USA/Canada/Latin America
Tues Dec 6 at 10 AM EST (NY)
Wed Dec 7 at 8 PM EST (NY)
Wed Dec 14 at 10 AM EST (NY)
Wed Dec 14 at 8 PM EST (NY)
Tues Jan 10 at 10 AM EST (NY)
Wed Jan 18 at 10 AM EST (NY)
Thur Jan 19 at 8 PM EST (NY)
Tues Jan 24 at 10 AM EST (NY)
United Kingdom/Europe
Tues Dec 6 at 3 PM GMT (London)
Wed Dec 14 at 3 PM GMT (London)
Tues Jan 10 at 3 PM GMT (London)
Wed Jan 18 at 3 PM GMT (London)
Tues Jan 24 at 3 PM GMT (London)
Australia/Asia Pacific
Thurs Dec 8 at 9 AM SGT (Singapore)
Thurs Dec 8 at 12 PM EDT (Sydney)
Thurs Dec 15 at 9 AM SGT (Singapore)
Thurs Dec 15 at 12 PM EDT (Sydney)
Fri Jan 20 at 9 AM SGT (Singapore)
Fri Jan 20 at 12 PM EDT (Sydney)
Current subscribers may register for any of the above sessions by logging into their Going Global account and visiting the training registration page.
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