GoldPASS & signing off on your user agreement

Please note GoldPASS & logging in:
Steps for GoldPASS user agreement & signing in: Every year, GoldPASS requires its students to re-sign the user agreement and it is that time of year again. Here are some steps that you must navigate in order to get into your GoldPASS account. CEHD students will have the Internship section of their page populated (at the bottom of the page.)
Delete the “CSO.Web.Classes45.AdministratorBase” in the Primary Internship Manager entry field under Internship Information at the very bottom in order to update their profile.
Once you do update your information, you might be brought to your “My connections” page and asking you to set up your LinkedIn for some reason with no option to go anywhere. Try clicking the Log Out button on the upper left and click login again on the next page. It should bring you back to the home page of your student account.
Information I have been sharing about LinkedIn if students are uncertain to what it is:
LinkedIn is a professional online networking tool and it is free for its basic functions. We have this feature turned on for students and alumni to use in GoldPASS. Here is a link on our website that explains more about LinkedIn This feature in GoldPASS would also allow you to see the employers that are viewable to students and directly connect you to their LinkedIn profile as well as the company LinkedIn profile.
There is a work around to avoid this. So if you want to hold off on setting up your LinkedIn account, just log out and then log back it. This should take you back to the main page and not have you set up the LinkedIn feature.