GoldPASS Update:

GoldPASS will be having a new interface as of the end of March. What does that mean exactly?
This means a new look, but all the features will remain the same. Some additions that you may find useful:
• LinkedIn feature
• Email me New Jobs for this Search
How these features work with your site:
The LinkedIn feature will allow you to see individuals in your social networks that are connected to a specific employer or job. As you open employer or job records they will see their associated LinkedIn connections to the right of the employer or job record!
Keep in mind you will not be forced to register for these features and if you wish.
What data is exchanged with registration:
If a student registers with LinkedIn through CSO or decides to link their existing LinkedIn account to the GoldPASS site, basic information will be passed to a LinkedIn plug-in. You will be presented with an opportunity to review and edit this data before their LinkedIn registration is submitted.Once the data is submitted to the LinkedIn plug-in, this data is treated according to the standard policies of LinkedIn. The values that are passed from GoldPASS to your LinkedIn account are the student’s: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Graduation Year, Degree, First Major, School Name, and Zip. During the LinkedIn registration process, the student will be able to update any of this information as needed.

Networking is one of the most important parts of job hunting and these new features will allow you to quickly and effectively network with a company you are interested in.
For more details about these new features watch our quick demo video here:
Interested in resources to create an effective LinkedIn Profile?
review CEHD career services tips for LinkedIN
Good luck with your search and please contact Career Services with any questions that you may have!