Great UG Student Employee Position!

The Student Parent HELP Center, a U of M program which provides a wide range of supportive services for pregnant and parenting undergraduate students, has an amazing job opportunity for Psychology, Fam Soc Sci, Child Psych or Sociology majors who want front line, career building experience working in a campus based, student and family service setting.
We need someone who is work study eligible and willing to accept work study.
We have a long history of having happy student employees, and due to the significant training investment are looking for students who could remain with SPHC at least two academic years if there is a fit (so no Srs or anyone past first term JR as of Fall 2012)
Most of our former, very happy student employees have been hired withing weeks of graduation due to the skills and experience they gained in the SPHC.
Though this is an administrative position, the job duties provide a wide range of career prep experiences under the supervision of two full time career social workers and interaction with Graduate MSW interns.
Our service population is U of M undergraduate students with children and occasionally there are also adorable children and babies to interact with.
Students should apply through the U of M HR job center site at: