High School Math Teacher Job Opening

City Academy High School
Job Opportunity:
Title: 9-12 grade Math Teacher (candidates with licensure, course work, or experience in Physical Science are priorities)
Job Description: Full time teaching position at City Academy High School for 2011-2012 school year. (http://www.cityacademy.org)
Required Qualifications:
• License to teach high school mathematics in Minnesota
• Training or experience working in an urban school
• Training or experience working with a diverse student population
• Able to create, modify, and implement your own curriculum
• Able to collect and analyze data on student performance
Preferred Candidates:
• Experience or license to teach Physical Science
• Able to create hands-on and minds-on lesson planning
• Flexible and able to adapt to wide range of students
• Able to teach many different courses
• Patience
• Interested in working in a small school
• Able and willing to create personal connections with students
Contact Information:
Oscar Schefers
City Academy High School
958 Jessie Street, Saint Paul, MN 55130