CEHD Participates in On-Campus Interviewing: How does this work?

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CEHD Career Services recruits employers to participate in on-campus interviewing for students and alumni. The purpose of on-campus interviewing is to help connect candidates to employers that are seeking to hire for a variety of positions. It is not uncommon to participate in on-campus interviewing and then if selected to be invited to their site for additional interviewing.
This is how the process works.

1. Employers typically sign up for what is called a “pre-select schedule”.
What this means is employers post a position in GoldPASS and candidates have period of time that they can submit their resume and cover letter to the on-campus interview schedule in GoldPASS. Please note: there are deadlines to submit to each schedule and it is important to be aware of this.
2. Once the submissions are made and the “interview schedule” closes, the employer reviews all the submissions which are typically resumes and cover letters. The employer selects the candidates they would like to interview and candidates will be informed. This is all done through the GoldPASS system.
Note: You must submit your resume to GoldPASS for review and approval before you can submit your materials to an on-campus interview. This only occurs once, so you can apply to as many interviews you qualify for once you have had the initial resume approved. Resumes are reviewed by staff Monday through Friday during normal office hours.
3. The selected candidates will be invited for an interview sign up and notified by an email through GoldPASS and the career office sponsoring the interview. The email message invites the selected candidates to log in to GoldPASS and sign up for a time in the “interview schedule”
4.Candidates who are not selected receive an email stating they were not selected at this time.
5. Please take note if there are other events going on with the employer that you as a candidate can engage with them. To view all career events select this tab in GoldPASS and search.
On-campus interviews are held in the STSS Building, Interview Center room 524
Roadmap to On-Campus Interviews