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Overview: Idunna Fitness provides a meaningful internship to interns in a health, wellness, and rehabilitation environment. Idunna is a supervised exercise facility that focuses on fitness for the aging population. Idunna Fitness uses primarily Medx equipment which was created by Arthur Jones, legendary founder of Nautilus. This equipment has been scientifically validated as the top medical line of fitness equipment. Interns can get experience in other areas of interest since Idunna is adjacent to Brookdale Health, a chiropractic, physical therapy and massage therapy clinic.
We offer students the opportunity to:
• Work in a rehabilitation setting
• Learn and correct operational technique of MedX equipment
• Perform regular fitness assessments
• Gain one-on-one experiences with cliental
• Opportunity to observe Physical Therapy, Message Therapy, and Chiropractic
• Work with the an aging population
• Learn how to adapt and create exercise prescriptions for various populations and conditions
• Record clients’ daily progress
• Focus on the importance of health and wellness
Description of Intern Positions:
Part-time intern position:
• 12-15 week internship period
• 8-12 hrs/week, will work around your class schedule
• Spring (Jan.-April), Summer (May-August), Fall (Sept.-Dec.)
• Unpaid
• Must be earning credits for the internship
Performance Evaluation:
Intern supervisor will conduct a mid-point and final evaluation for each intern. Interns are asked to inform the supervisor of any specific university evaluation processes.
Highest performing individuals may be offered a permanent job position after completion of our internship program.
Kamau Larry
Business Manager
Intern Supervisor
Idunna Fitness
5740 Brooklyn Blvd. #200
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429