Information Session with Project Footsteps: internships in HR, Marketing, Design & Non-Profit Work

On-Campus with Project Footsteps
518 STSS Building
Thursday, April 19th, 2012
What is an information session? An information session is an opportunity for students to explore career options by coming to listen to an employer promote their positions. Students have had great success in developing that first connection or revisit with an employer they are interested in.
In this case, Project Footsteps is coming to campus because they are actively recruiting for the following internships & positions:
Human Resources
Program Operations/Relations
Graphic Design/Media
Program Facilitators

The mission of Project Footsteps is to inspire, empower and prepare young people and community to be agents of change and social leaders in action. For a better tomorrow, we need change agents today. We are convinced that young people have the ability to change their schools, neighborhoods and communities.
Over that past 5 years, we have seen over 10,000 young people literally create change in their schools, neighborhoods and communities. It is our goal to change the world by bringing the most important stakeholders to the table; our children!
Project Footsteps Program Team Info.docx
Project Footsteps Program Facilitator Info.docx