Mastery Charter Schools Is Hiring!

Mastery Charter Schools Is Hiring!
Mastery is hiring over 200 teachers and 50 school leaders for immediate openings and for the 2012-2013 school year! Hiring for the 2012-2013 school year has already begun. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible.
To learn more about Mastery Charter Schools and to apply online, visit our website at
Mastery is one of the leading school turnaround networks in the country. Mastery Charter Schools was created to prepare underserved youth for success in post-secondary education and the knowledge-based economy. We believe that educational inequity is the single most pressing social problem facing our country-the civil rights issue of our day. Mastery exists to solve the problem. Our purpose is to raise the bar for urban education and prompt system change. We live by our motto: “Excellence. No Excuses.” Mastery currently operates ten exceptionally high performing schools in Philadelphia, serving close to 7,000 students in grades K-12. We are always seeking dynamic educators to lead our turnaround efforts in Philadelphia!
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Featured Openings
School Leadership Opportunities (K-12)
· Principals
· Assistant Principals of Instruction, Special Education, School Culture and Operations
· Instructional Coaches
· Deans of School Culture
Apprentice School Leader Opportunities
The Apprentice School Leader (ASL) Program is a highly selective one-year residency for future Mastery leaders to learn, grow and plan as they prepare to lead a Mastery school. ASLs are placed in existing Mastery schools and are integral members of the school community.
· Apprentice School Leaders of Instruction
· Apprentice School Leaders of Culture
· Apprentice School Leaders of Operations
· Apprentice School Leaders of Special Education
School-Based Teaching and Other Opportunities (K-12)
· K-12 Teachers- all subject areas
· Special Education Teachers
· College Initiative Staff
· Social Workers
Network Support Team Opportunities
· Deputy Chief of Talent
· Recruitment Manager
· Budget Analyst
We look forward to receiving your application soon!
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Excellence. No Excuses.