Meghan Walter-2011 CEHD graduate offers career advice

Meghan Walter.jpg
CEHD Degree program: BME and HRD
Graduation Year: May 2011
Employer: Braun Intertec Corporation
Position: Human Resource Coordinator
How did you learn about your current position?
I learned about my current position through Braun Intertec reaching out to me. My resume was posted on a professional organization website along with other HR professionals in the Twin Cities area.
What are some of your key responsibilities you have been charged with?
I perform a variety of HR Generalist functions including working with new hires, payroll, compensation (benefits-401k plans etc), recruiting, training/development programs and safety.

What steps did you take in the application process?

After Braun Intertec reached out to me for a short phone screen interview, I did a great amount of research about the company and if it would be a good fit. I then went to the corporate office for an in person interview. After the interview, I sent a thank you email expressing great interest in the position too. Within two weeks Braun called and we made arrangements with a lunch meeting in their HR department. It was very informal but helpful because I was able to get to know the people I would potentially be working with on a more personal level.
The following week I heard back with the job offer including salary pay and benefits. I did not accept the offer right away; I expressed high interest and asked when I would have to accept by. This gave me time to consider all my options and what was best for me. I called within about a week accepting the offer. I did have to negotiate with the employer on the start date, which they were flexible with and we met half way with a date.
How did you help yourself stand out from all the other applicants?
I really stressed my work experience, campus involvement and career goals-long and short term. I maintained a professional tone throughout the entire process and really was just myself.
Looking back, what did you find to be the most helpful during job search process?
Doing mock interviews at the career services was very helpful because it prepared me for when I had actual interviews. I also utilized the career page for many tips about searching for a job. In addition, I spoke to other professionals in the HR field about my potential position and whether this would be a good entry-level position.