Minnesota Reading and Math Corps

October 2013: Employer of the Month: Minnesota Reading and Math Corps
Describe your organization.
Minnesota Reading Corps and Math Corps provide rigorous training to literacy and math tutors who serve one year in a Minnesota school. Tutors, who serve as AmeriCorps members, help children get on track to read successfully by the end of third grade or become algebra-ready by eighth grade. Tutors commit to 11 months, during which they grow their own skills and network and earn money for student loans or tuition costs, all while making an impact on children’s lives. Immediate openings are available and can be seeing by clicking on this map. Those interested can apply at www.MinnesotaReadingCorps.org or www.MinnesotaMathCorps.org. The application to become a tutor in the 2014-15 program year opens December 15.
What do your employees enjoy about Minnesota Reading and Math Corps? What are some of the challenges they face?
Tutors say the biggest reward of serving is building meaningful relationships with their students and watching them grow their reading or math skills to reach grade level. Most tutors who are recent college grads say they join to start their career in a meaningful way. Some are interested in becoming educators and Reading Corps or Math Corps provides a foot in the door at a school, but others see the year as a time to find direction in their undefined career. Because our programs are research-based, tutors implement a data-driven and scripted model. For some, that structure can be a challenge. However, when most tutors see the progress their students make, they strongly believe in being loyal to our model. Another challenge is stretching the AmeriCorps stipend to fit their financial needs. They plan accordingly and we encourage our applicants to only accept a position if they are certain the stipend will meet their needs.
When you are looking for employees, what do you search for?
Our tutors all care about making an impact on children’s lives. We look for that desire to work with youth and make a difference. Strong candidates are those who have experience working with youth, experience with previous service or volunteer work, who are committed to the 11 month experience and present a professional application.
Do you have any tips to share with students or business professionals that are looking to enter the workforce?
You must have self awareness. To interview well, to work and communicate well with others and to pursue your interests, you must reflect upon your own accomplishments, desires and moments of learning.
What sets your organization apart?
Our programs are unique in that we have grown to a size unknown to other state AmeriCorps programs in the country, and are seeing results now recognized nationally. Serving with Minnesota Reading Corps or Math Corps is to be a part of something that is truly having a real impact on Minnesota’s future.