On-campus Interviews Hosted by CEHD Career Services

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CEHD Career Services is recruiting students and alumni to apply to the following on-campus interviews in GoldPASS:
Altru Health Systems, Organizational Development Consultant
Schedule ID 2519
Great opportunity for our students and alumni in Human Resource Development!
Minneapolis Financial Group, Financial Services Professional
Schedule ID 2544
Business Marketing majors might find this position and organization interesting!
St. Paul Public Schools Foundation-Humboldt Secondary Achieve Program, Paid Tutor
Schedule ID 2605
Are you looking for a part time position? Interested in exploring education as a career? This might be the PT position for you! All students are encouraged to apply
Great Prairie Sports, High Performance Intern
Schedule ID 2408
Interested in exploring the field of athletics? This internship might be the opportunity for you.
Uncertain on how on-campus interviewing works? Click here to learn more.
Please note: Review the on-campus interview and job description in GoldPASS . Deadlines to submit to the on-campus interview are approaching, so do not wait to apply!