On-campus interviews open to CEHD students!

There are some great on-campus interviews open to CEHD Students. Remember to check GoldPASS for the on-campus interviews you qualify for.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Sales and Management Intern (paid)
Sales and Management Trainee
Schedule ID # 2657
External Link: https://www.myinterfase.com/umn-cclc/schedule_view.aspx?token=LtMZ76rh0qVAQ3dj0LAoPg%3d%3d
Deadline to apply: November 29th
Interview date: December 5th
Target Corporation
Communications Intern
Schedule ID # 2661
External Link: https://www.myinterfase.com/umn-cclc/schedule_view.aspx?token=IObPfUdzUOwKg1iw3uxIHw%3d%3d
Deadline to apply: November 25th
Interview Date: December 5th
Mercy Volunteer Corps
Mercy Corps Teacher
Mercy Corps Social Service Worker
Schedule ID # 2674
External Link: https://www.myinterfase.com/umn-cehd/schedule_view.aspx?token=i4EHOt%2fP94Z0oO55LjXkuw%3d%3d
Deadline to apply: November 28th
Interview Date: December 5th (virtual interview)
Want to know how the process of an on-campus interview works at the UofM,TC?! Click here