Employer Spotlight: Boom Lab



Briefly describe your organization

Boom Lab, in partnership with ThreeBridge Solutions and Keyot, was founded on the idea that great consultants don’t need multiple degrees and three-piece suits. Consulting is a mindset that favors questions over answers and always puts the client first. We find the brightest new consultants, prepare them with world class training and deliver high-impact projects at our premier clients.

When you are looking for new employees, what do you search for?

We’re building a new generation of consultants by hiring talented Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Technology Analysts to join our growing teams across the Midwest. We hire individuals from a wide range of areas from English to Business/Management.

What does a typical training process look like for your organization?

Our training includes two weeks of intense project delivery methods, and builds based on role and experience as consultants grow their careers with Boom Lab.

Please describe your company culture

Our Boom Lab consultants excel in team environments, possess very strong communication skills, learn quickly, and help build creative solutions for our clients. Our team brings energy and excitement to the workplace, and grows together through training, mentorship, and giving back.

We are excited to meet you at the Business and Human Resources Career Fair on October 28th!



Success Story | Hayley Freeman, Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development Intern at Coenen Bros.
How did you learn about this position?Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 1.03.38 PM.png
I attended the Human Resource Development recruitment event that took place October 2012. I made an effort to meet with the Coenen Bros. partners at the recruitment event.

Describe your position.
I worked with pro-active people with public accounting backgrounds to explore other great options within Finance and Accounting. Most of the people the company represents are not actively pursuing a new position, but are open to hearing about great roles in industry. Coenen Bros. specializes in working with Top Talented professionals from the larger public accounting firms, Deloitte, PWC, EY, KPMG, McGladrey, Grant and Larson Allen. Coenen Bros. find jobs within Tax, Tax Managers, Audit, Audit Directors, IT Audit, SEC reporting, SEC reporting Directors, Financial analysis, Finance Directors, staff, senior, mgr, senior mgr and director levels for mid to large sized companies interested in people with public accounting backgrounds.

What do you most enjoy about your position? What are some of the challenges?
I really love recruiting! Coenen Bros. helps people find that work-life balance and enriches their lives by assisting them in the search for that perfect opportunity in their professional career. I love working with people and this is a different way of interacting. I am excited for this experience! It is challenging getting the hang of talking on my feet and asking continuous questions. I often get anxious to talk to someone on the phone, but I know my nerves will only last so long- I need to experience all types of situations to feel more comfortable. I like feeling prepared before I go into situations!

How does your position fit with your long-term career goals?
This position falls under the realm of Human Resource Development, which is my major. Recruiting is one industry in the HRD field that I find very intriguing. I am grateful I had an experience like this so young in my career.

During your job search, how did you make yourself stand out to employers?
I try to be as honest as possible. I wanted employers to know that I even though I am young, I am looking for new opportunities to help expand my professional outlook. I am always up front and I know how to sell my brand. I have great emotional intelligence and I use that angle to help my employers get to know me in a different way.
What did you find to be the most helpful during your internship/job search process?
I had the help of family and friends that have had similar experience in this field. I also had their support which is always a plus! I came prepared this gave me confidence to success in interviews and my internship search. It was also very helpful that the U of M set up a HRD recruitment event!

Do you have any tips to share with other students about your experience?
I would advise other to not pass up opportunities that are presented to you just because you think you do not fulfill the job prerequisites. Everyone has to start somewhere, and building your resume starts with experience! Do as much as you can while you’re in college, it will benefit you in the long run. You do not want to look back and think ‘oh I wish I would have done that’! I went to the recruitment fair kind of on a last minute whim. I saw it in an email and thought “hey maybe I find something, maybe I don’t”. Always try and go into those kinds of things with an open mind and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! You will be glad you did.

Success Story | Ingrid Bergquist, Business and Marketing Education, Human Resource Development

Marketing Intern at North American Sports Group
How did you learn about this position?
I learned about this summer internship opportunity when two representatives from North American Sports Group came to my Teaching Marketing Promotion class. I learned about and then went to a walk-in interview they were hosting that same day. After the initial in person interview, I had an interview over the phone and a final interview via Skype.

Describe your position.
The other marketing interns and I were in charge of managing of all social media platforms for the company’s various sports entities. This included running the company’s Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Instagram, and Pinterest efforts. I got the chance to create Google Ads and monitor the analytics. At the events, I took photos and videos then edited and posted to them social media platforms. I also conducted surveys, tabulated the results which were then used in a variety of ways.

What do you most enjoy about your position? What are some of the challenges?
I greatly enjoyed getting the chance to help run the Kick It 3v3 soccer tournaments. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to improve my customer services skills. It was challenging, yet thrilling, to move to a different part of the country for the summer.

How does your position fit with your long-term career goals?
Long term I want to focus on marketing, product development, management as well as communications. I aim to become a multi-faceted marketing professional; North American Sports Group helped me gain experience and confidence in communications, marketing, branding, sales, public relations and project management.

During your job search, how did you make yourself stand out to employers?
After I was hired, my employer mentioned that I was one of the few students who had demonstrated great positivity and enthusiasm throughout the interviews. My advice to other students is to show the employer that you are interested and have a desire to be in the position they are offering. Let the employer know why and how you could be an asset to their organization.

What did you find to be the most helpful during your internship/job search process?
GoldPASS is a great resource for students to utilize. GoldPASS is the U’s online database to help connect students and alumni with employers, volunteer organizations, and internships across the country. My employer contacted GoldPASS to set up walk-in interviews. After the brief interview, I went on GoldPASS to learn more about the company and finish my application process.

Do you have any tips to share with other students about your experience?
Make the most out of every interview, internship and job experience you get. Sometimes it takes learning what you do not want to do career wise in order to find what truly interests you.

Campus Opportunities

Fellow students, are you still looking for work-study opportunities, internships or volunteering experiences? Find below, some information that you can benefit from.

Work Study:

301759 – Community Builder – New Hope

301798 – Youth Program Assistant (Ft. Road Flats Apts., St. Paul)

301799 – Youth Program Assistant (Obama School – St. Paul)

301803 – Youth Program Assistant (New Hope)

301805 – Youth Program Assistant (So. Mpls)

301934 – Community Builder and Somali Interpreter – So. Mpls

302825 – Youth Program Assistant (N. Mpls)


Tutor-Mentor Volunteering:


PPL Summer Youth Programs

Volunteer positions are available at locations throughout the Twin Cities, with a 1-2 day/week commitment for 7-8 weeks over the summer months.

PPL Summer Youth Programs

We are looking for consistent, enthusiastic volunteers to work with great kids this summer. PPL’s Youth Development programs provide support and opportunities for youth from low-income communities to strengthen academic engagement, improve literacy skills, and build confidence over the summer months. We currently have five summer programs in the Metro area:

Roots ‘n Reading:

City Explorers

You can learn more about these programs and apply at www.ppl-inc.org/how-to-help/volunteer.

Any questions, contact Anna Preus at anna.preus@ppl-inc.org / 612.455.5108


Employer Spotlight: Youth Enrichment League

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.25.01 PM

Youth Enrichment League is an after school and summer camp enrichment provider for kids across Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, and Colorado. We believe that each child has certain gifts and abilities they are given, and by providing quality enrichment to those children we can then nurture those gifts and abilities.

What do your employees enjoy about your organization?

Youth Enrichment League’s Three Pillars of Excellence

  1. Influence – Make a difference in a child’s day.
  2. Implement – Your yes is your yes, and your no is your no. If you agree to a class, schedule, sub assignment, we take you at your word that you will honor your commitment. The other facet to this pillar is implementing the curriculum and guidelines we have given.
  3. Individuals – Children are gifts to their parents, their schools, and their communities. YEL teachers should interact with each child as a distinct, unique student.

YEL employees are bubbly, energetic, sincere, and truly have a passion for working with children. Our office staff strives to ensure that each teacher is fully prepared for each class that they teach. If any issues arise our teachers know that they can call our office and get help in any situation immediately.

What are some challenges they face?

The biggest challenge our employees face is classroom management. Working with children can be stressful, and managing a full classroom with up to 20 students on your own can be difficult. We need instructors who understand children, and know how to command a classroom and be able to teach a class while still allowing the kids to have fun in the process.

When you are looking for new employees, what do you search for?

We are really looking for individuals who want to make a difference in a child’s life every day they go to work. Our employees are reliable and dedicated to the students that they teach. They also have excellent communication skills, and reliable transportation.

What does a typical hiring process look like for your organization?

The first step of our hiring process is to go to our website, www.youthenrichmentleague.com, to fill out an application. After we have received your application a member of our staff will place a phone call to the applicant to answer any questions they might have about the position and set up an interview. After the interview a decision will be made within two business days.



Employer Spotlight Questionnaire

1. Briefly describe your organization

We help break the cycle for at-risk families and children for a total family recovery. This is accomplished through comprehensive models that include: supportive housing, case management, mental health services, parent education and child enrichment programming.

2. Please describe your company culture. What do your employees enjoy about your organization? What are some challenges they face?

We work hard and have a lot of different programs to offer our clients. We also have a lot of fun doing what we do! We have approximately 25 full time staff members and another 15 part time staffers. Some of the challenges we face are being able to provide programming for all the needs of our community.

3. What tips do have for students and alumni who are looking to enter your industry?

Be passionate about your cause and truly love what you are doing. Challenge yourself each day. Do what you love and love what you do.



Employer Spotlight: KForce


Kforce (Nasdaq:KFRC) is a professional staffing firm providing flexible and permanent staffing solutions in the specialty skill areas of Technology, Finance & Accounting, Government Solutions and Outsourcing Solutions.  With over $1Billion in sales, Kforce operates 63 offices in 41 markets bringing the value of over 50 years of experience.  Kforce works with 70% of Fortune 100 companies in the U.S.

Please describe your company culture. What do your employees enjoy about your organization? What are some challenges they face?

Kforce offers a very competitive compensation package including base salary, monthly commission, healthcare, dental, vision, 401K, employee stock purchase program, PTO, performance incentive trips and other employee discounts.  We offer multiple career paths in recruiting, sales, operations and leadership.  Last year, over 500 employees were promoted to new positions.

Our core values of respect, integrity, trust, exceptional service, commitment & fun and stewardship & community make Kforce a fun, energetic culture that truly cares about being a “team”.  Employees enjoy the involvement in community organizations from Feed My Starving Children, Toys for Tots, making sandwiches for the homeless, helping at Second Harvest and much more.   We also enjoy numerous other team building events and incentives throughout the year.

Working at Kforce can be challenging as it is a results-driven environment.  It is very goal oriented and requires commitment and dedication to excellence.

When you are looking for new employees, what do you search for?                            

Kforce is seeking individuals who are looking to make a career in recruiting and sales. The individuals we hire are hard working, competitive, goal orientated, team orientated and results driven.

What does a typical hiring process look like for your organization?

The hiring process starts with a phone interview from one of our internal recruiters to discuss both Kforce and the individual’s background and career goals.  This is followed by the candidate filling out an online application and personality assessment.  Once complete the individual will come into our office for an in-person interview with our team.  Finally, selected candidates will be offered the opportunity to shadow existing team members to learn more about our team, office and culture.  Throughout this time every candidate is in contact with our internal recruiter who is making sure they are well prepared for each step of the way.

What tips do have for students and alumni who are looking to enter your industry?

The recruiting and staffing industry is at an all time high right now.  With low unemployment rates in both the Technology and Finance & Accounting sectors that we work in; our industry is more valuable today than it ever has been.  Industry experts agree that it will only continue to expand even further.


Barnes Kiven | Job & Internship Fair


Barnes Kiven (pictured on right) is a freshmen at the University of Minnesota in the College of Education and Human Development. On Friday February, 20th he attended the UMN Job and Internship Fair. He shared with us his experience at the fair!

What inspired you to attend the UMN Job and Internship Fair as a Freshman?                  

I am currently pursuing a career in the business world. Knowing how competitive it will be, I know that I have get a head-start. I have to find a way to distinguish myself from all other students. Hence, I attended the job fair because I want to get my name out there to different employers in Minnesota. I wanted to start building a steady network.

How did CEHD Career Services help to prepare you for the fair?
CEHD Career services offered various events that helped me prepare for this fair. Two weeks prior, they hosted a Kinesiology and Sports Management fair. This was a smaller event and it helped me assess what to expect on the bigger career fair. CEHD Career Services also held a resume critique workshop which helped me shape my resume into an accurate reflection of my abilities.
What were challenges you faced at the fair?
What challenged me most was the fact that being a freshman, most employers were not interested in me. They were mostly looking for juniors and seniors who are soon to be graduates in the workforce. I struggled to point out reasons why I was equally a considerable candidate for internships or summer jobs.
Overall, how was your experience at Fair?
Overall, I was satisfied with my experience. Not only was I able to distribute my resume to employers, I was also able to built my network with employers and added a few LinkedIn connections.
What tips and advice do you have for other students planning on attend a job fair?
Do a little research prior to the fair on the employers that you are interested in. This will help you to easily open up a dialogue with an employer as you already know what they are looking for. Even if you are not familiar with the company, still walk up to them. There were some employers that I was reluctant to visit, but eventually greatly benefited from our conversation. Be professional!

Employer Spotlight: One Heartland


One Heartland is a national nonprofit whose mission is to serve children, youth and families facing significant health challenges or social isolation. At the core of this mission are the camp programs at our flagship facility in Willow River, Minn., as well as those in New York and California. We provide over 500 camp experiences every year, and because the majority of program participants live below the poverty line, we rely on donors to make our camps a reality.

Please describe your company culture. What do your employees enjoy about your organization? What are some challenges they face?                                                                           Our summer camp staff members are fun, energetic, accepting, creative and compassionate. The staff enjoys the fun activities, great campers we serve, and friendships developed in 2 short months. The biggest challenges our staff encounter are the long and chaotic days of summer camp.

When you are looking for new employees, what do you search for?
We are looking for positive, enthusiastic, fun, open-minded, hard working and team players for the summer.

What does a typical hiring process look like for your organization?
To apply interested applicants will go to OneHeartland and complete step one of the process.

What tips do have for students and alumni who are looking to enter your industry?
I would recommend those interested in this field to get as much experience as possible because it will help secure your first job.