Career of the Week: Recreational Therapist

Rec Therapy.jpg
Are you looking for a meaningful career that uses your passion for leisure activities and recreation? Then being a recreational therapist might be right for you!
Being a recreational therapist is about more than providing activities for a variety of people. It is about providing access to experiences that a person’s limitations would normally make impossible. By bringing recreation into the therapeutic process, a door becomes open to allow meaning and fulfillment in ways never before explored. From playing catch, to going on a walk, to riding horses, the opportunities are vast and the only limitation is ones imagination.
The types of positions are varied, from working in an assisted living community, to a hospital setting, to day treatment centers. If you have an interest in working with any specific age group, there are opportunities available.
This profession is predicted to grow at an above average pace and the pay is also above average. A bachelor degree is typically required with Recreation, Park, and Leisure Studies being an option. Specific internship and volunteer experiences in a therapeutic setting are often necessary.
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