Success Story | Addisalem Tesfaye, Human Resource Development and Business and Marketing Education

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Addisalem Tesfaye
Junior | Human Resource Development and Business and Marketing Education
Work Effects | Human Resources Development Intern

How did you learn about your current position?
I received several emails from the department of Organizational Leadership Policy and Development. I also saw the posting in Goldpass.
Describe your position.
Here are some of my responsibilities:
-Developing Leadership Development Curriculum
-Creating Leadership Development advertising video
-Creating Leadership Development guidebook in collaboration with intern team
-Contacting academic institutions to sell Leadership Development program
-Writing articles for our company blog
What do you most enjoy about your position? What are some of the challenges?
I enjoy the variety of projects that I’m assigned within my role. The internship provides me with flexibility and gives me creative license to develop within my position. We also have a very collaborative team that has a wealth of knowledge in different areas.
A good challenge within my position is the opportunity that I have to sell our leadership program to MBA institutions. I possess some level of expertise in sales through my course work in my second major-Business and Marketing Education, but its time to apply all of the concepts and take it out of the classroom. It’s an exciting challenge because I’m using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for this project, which is a great learning opportunity.
How does your position fit with your long term career goals?
I have a couple of long-term plans. One of them is to be a consultant preferably combining Human Resources and Business Management. This experience being my 5th internship, 3rd one in HRD, it’s providing me with additional experience that I need to be equipped for the next stage in my life.
During your internship search, how did you make yourself stand out to employers?
There were a couple of things that I did intentionally during my recruiting process to increase my chance of obtaining the internship. Here are some examples:
-I did a lot of research regarding the company and all of their products and services, so I was able to confidently answer questions about the company during my interview
-I asked a lot of questions at the end of my interview regarding the future of the company inducing expansion, which generally showed my interest in the growth of the company
-In hopes making a great impression, I went to the info session dressed in business professional clothing even though it was an informal event.
-I knew the importance of the question “”Why do you want to work for our company”” This is an interesting question that I feel is tricky to many candidates even though it’s a simple question. Interviewees usually use this question to illustrate their genuine interest of the company and all it has to offer to them. In my opinion, that’s not a great way to answer the question. People need to keep in mind that companies recruit for the purpose of filling a business need; not so they can fulfill the dreams of potential employees. So, the answer needs to encompass not only the benefit you (as the employee) would get from the company, but also exemplify how they (employers) can use your talent and expertise to fill in those business needs.
What did you find to be the most helpful during your internship search process?
I think what helped me the most was all the different postings on Goldpass and also the emails I received from my academic and departmental advisors regarding the position. There were even some of my professors that encouraged me to apply.
Do you have any tips to share with other students about your experience?
Here are my tips for all students striving for success:
Know who you are or at least attempt to find out.
– What are your passions?
– What are your strengths?
– What is your long and short-term goal(s)?
– What does success look like to you?
– How do people commonly perceive you? Do you like it? If not, how can you change that?
-Get a business card- even as a student
-Create a LinkedIn account that reflects a professional image
-Make sure all of your social media sites i.e Facebook are appropriate- What you put online is permanent- you may think you have deleted it, but it’s publicly stored
-Attend networking events & make meaningful connections
-Create and compile a list of references- you never know when you will need it next
-Perfect your resume & cover letter
-Google yourself- you & employers may be surprised by what’s out there
-Seek professional help- the career service centers aren’t free- we pay for them as part of our tuition and fees, so utilize them
-Sharpen your interviewing skills– this is a must
-Get feedback from those that know you most (friends, peers, professors, and mentors
Anything else you woud like to share?
“It’s not what you know, but who you know” – Wrong statement in my view.
It’s about what you know, who you know, and most importantly who knows you. Think about it…