Success Story | Jiayin (Julia) Qian, Family Social Science

Jiayin (Julia) Qian, Family Social Science
Internship | The Hoarding Project

How did you learn about your current position?
I got the chance to learn about this position from my major advisor’s (Jessie Rudi) information list. She usually forwards lots of useful email about internship position that relevant to our major. After read the email, I started to search more about my passion position from their organization’s website.
Describe your position.
My position is a hybrid internship working both with individuals, couples, and families in the community addressing a variety of needs and concerns related to hoarding disorder, as well as conducting research. And the organization I am working for is called The Hoarding Project.
How does your position fit with your long term career goals?
My passion is about the interactions between couples and parents- children communication; it drives me to explore more about family therapy counseling work in community. And this position is definitely a great chance for me to learn more about the clinical work, research and education to individuals who hoard and their communities, as well as to mental health and other professionals who work with hoarding, and the media. So it could provide me a chance to connect our textbook knowledge to the practical life.
During your internship/job search, how did you make yourself stand out to employers?
I think the most important part is to be well prepared in both resume and interview. Before handed in my resume and cover letter to my employers, I have gone through all the materials with career service’s advisor several times. It really helped me to show my strength in the paper work. In addition, I have looked through the online interview training from career service website. It helped me to build up confidence and be flexible with the answer I prepared.
What did you find to be the most helpful during your internship/job search process?
Our CEHD Career Service is the most helpful resource that helped me to search and be prepared for the internship.
Do you have any tips to share with other students about your experience?
Show your confidence to employers during the interview. It is a good way to leave a positive impression to the employers. Also, don’t forget to send a ‘thanks letter’ for follow-up with employers after interview.