Success Story | Jodi Schmitz, Physical Education ILP

Name: Jodi Schmitz 012.jpg
Licensure program: Physical Education/DAPE
Completed the ILP program: June, 2012
Employer: Internationella Engelska Skolan Eskilstuna, Sweden
Position: 7-9th Grade Physical Education teacher, 7A Mentor
1. How did you learn about your current position?
Last October my supervisor sent out the information to my cohort that he had received from CEHD (Career Services) who had received it from IES. I didn’t even think about interviewing at first, but when the time got closer to the interviews I went for it and signed up.
2. Describe the application and interview process.
After deciding I wanted to interview, I just emailed the correspondent my interest along with my cover letter and resume. I later received an email asking me to sign up for an interview time slot. It was a very easy process. In January, I then met with two recruiters from IES at the Science Teaching and Student Services Building (CEHD Career Services Interview Center). We talked for about 15 minutes and then I was put into their computer system. The recruiters told me that they were heading back to Sweden the next day and were then going to speak with their principals about everyone they interviewed. I interviewed on a Friday and received a job offer on Monday morning.
3. How did you make yourself stand out during the job search?
My supervisor prepared my cohort very well for interviews throughout the year. My cooperating teachers were also very helpful in looking at my cover letter and resume and giving me practice questions. This made me feel more relaxed and comfortable going into the interview. I also showed a lot of enthusiasm for the job and was honest about the fact that I am a first year teacher and I am still learning every day. I believe they were really pleased and excited that I was willing to move to another country that I’ve never been to before and start a job I haven’t officially ever done before. Lastly, teaching here now I have noticed that being a female physical education teacher is an idea that is not very common in Sweden. I think that gave me an edge as well.
4. Looking back, what did you find to be the most helpful during job search process?
Receiving information and the preparation from CEHD, my supervisor, and GoldPASS was extremely helpful. With these resources, the research and searching is already done for you. I think what was most helpful was everything we did in my seminar class with my cohort and supervisor. We really worked on preparing ourselves for interviews, we received advice from current teachers and administration in schools, and we learned how to navigate through employment websites.
5. Did you utilize career services? If so, what was your experience like?
Yes, I utilized many of the career services. I first learned about my current position through career services and interviewed on-campus through that outlet as well. Informational meetings, career events, and the job fairs were all very beneficial in learning how to apply to employment websites and how to stand out during interviews. Everything is very helpful and is right on campus to make things even easier for you. I really appreciated everything they do for you to help you get a job.
6. What advice would you like to share with others about your experience finding a teaching position?
Definitely use all of the resources that are out there for you. They are all very beneficial and each one gives you more advice, tips, knowledge, and experiences with the job search process and interviews. Keep any open mind and apply for anything and everything; nonetheless, you will get interview and resume writing experience. Don’t be afraid to apply for overseas positions. It is a great learning experience and a great way to start your teaching career. Lastly, don’t get discouraged!