Success Story | Sheila Yang, Family Social Science Major

Sheila Yang
Junior | Family Social Science
CEHD Career Services Assistant | Career Services Center

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I’m a third year CEHD student majoring in Family Social Science. I come from a Hmong cultural background and I’m the first person to go to college in my family. Some of the things I love are food, photography, and Thailand. I also have an interest in teaching and guiding individuals through personal development. My intent is to help people define and become aware of their areas of talents, strengths, career path, etc. After my Bachelor’s degree, I want to pursue my career as a school or career counselor working with students. One of the things I look forward to is becoming a part of the College Possible (CP) team as a High School College Possible Coach. I’m a CP 2010 alumna and because of their support, my goals and dreams wouldn’t feel this “possible” today. My mission is to be a role model for the younger generation, especially in my Hmong community. I recognize that I can be an agent of change and a positive influence on others by being a support and guidance for students who struggle with overcoming life barriers.
How did you decide on a Family Social Science (FSOS) major?:
It’s funny how I spent most of my time searching for the right major for me when it had been in front of me all along. As a freshman, I expressed interest in the social sciences and was admitted to CEHD as a Family Social Science (FSOS) pre-major. I didn’t think much about FSOS until my second year that I started taking initiative to look more into my future. At the time, I was confused and unsure if FSOS was for me because I was afraid that the helping profession would be too overwhelming for me. This led me wanting to explore other majors but none really grabbed my attention.
My interest in FSOS started to develop after the day I attended a service learning workshop training that was required before I began volunteering. I needed to do this in order to receive extra credit for my math course. I was impressed with the person who led the presentation because of her passion to bring awareness of social barriers that exist in society and how it has a direct impact on a students’ education. This instantly made me think of what I could do to help people fight adversity, make decisions, help them get from where they are to where they want to be, find success within themselves, their career and life. I realized that I was passionate about helping people and getting into a helping profession–and the only reason why I doubted FSOS was because I wasn’t confident enough in my ability to help people. I somehow found the courage to face my fears head on and believing in the possibility of becoming a professional in my field one day.
What do you value about the FSOS major?
Relationships play a big influence in my life and it’s something I truly value. I especially like it how it’s a broad major and there are many careers in FSOS. It’s something I feel passionate about learning and teaching. I also find it very worthwhile because I can apply the knowledge to my own life, by creating stronger relationships with my family and friends. The field is a friendly atmosphere that I really appreciate and enjoy being around the culture of the program.
What made you decide to apply for the position in Career Services?:
I wanted to have a job to keep myself busy over the summer. I was browsing on GoldPASS and knew I had to update my profile along with attaching my resume. I received an email a few days later from someone in Career Services who had reviewed my resume online. She suggested for me to come into Career Services for some additional resume feedback and so that’s what I did. I had a drop-in appointment with Valeria, a Career Services Assistant for CEHD, and unexpectedly, who would have thought that I would learn of a job opening in Career Services? Valeria was graduating which meant that her position would be open. She encouraged me to apply for her spot because the set of skills and experiences I presented on my resume seemed to be a good match. I knew this would be a great advantage to increase my communication, leadership, and people skills, and of course, building a positive impact on CEHD. Furthermore, the surprising yet wonderful thing I found out later was that the person who suggested for me to come into Career Services for a resume review happened to become my Supervisor and she is awesome.