Teacher Career Profile

Are You Interested in Becoming a Teacher?
Teaching is a rewarding profession which offers a variety of opportunities to share knowledge with future generations. Those striving to be teachers should have a strong foundation in their subject area, good judgment, and strong communication skills. Teachers should be also be comfortable working with students from diverse backgrounds and students with varied achievement levels.
Educators work in both public and private elementary schools, secondary schools and preschools. They typically specialize in a subject area such as math, science, special education, English as a second language, etc.
Teachers follow a lesson plan and manage classroom behavior. Most have a block of time each day, called a professional period, to plan lessons and grade papers. Teachers must be accessible to parents and communicate regularly on student progress. Many work more than 40 hours each week during the school year (generally 10 months out of the year) performing extra-curricular activities outside the classroom.
Individuals who would like to teach must obtain a degree from a university or college and receive a teaching license through their state department of education. Teachers, like other licensed professionals, are required to continue their education after they receive their license, a process known as continuing professional development.
How Do You Get There?
Pursue a master of education degree through a teacher preparation program at the College of Education and Human Development. Look for volunteer opportunities in schools to gain valuable experience. After completing the teacher preparation program, find teaching positions on GoldPASS.
Job Outlook
The job outlook for teachers varies depending on license and region. Be sure to research job market data for the license and region you are considering. Then read success stories to learn how past CEHD students found teaching positions.
To Learn More
1) Research teaching careers:
Preschool & Kindergarten Teachers
Elementary School Teachers
Middle School Teachers
High School Teachers
Special Education Teachers
Adult Education Teachers
2) Look at teacher job descriptions on employment sites like GoldPASS and EdPost.
3) Conduct informational interviews with current teachers and principals.
4) Network by talking to current students in the CEHD teacher preparation program, advisers, faculty, and alumni about their experiences in the education field.