Zahanati Internship

Part time internship.
Paid & Unpaid.
POSITION SUMMARY: Support the work of Zahanati, Inc Organic Youth Farm Project by helping organize and
mobilize volunteers. Each summer, this volunteer initiative, in partnership with We Care and the Haywood Block Club,
will be helping NorthPoint grow & collect fresh, local produce for hungry people, and run a mini CSA/Market
* Attend kick-off meeting for Minneapolis Farmer’s Market June 4th, 2011
* Recruit volunteers for Farmer’s Market initiative through various advertising and marketing measures
* Assure all weekly volunteer shifts are filled
* Help supervise mini market operations with a select group of students ages 12-18.
* Organize and coordinate Mini Market Volunteer Coordinators: monitor schedule, communicate upcoming shifts,
maintain regular contact with volunteers
* Serve as an onsite contact at our mini Market each Saturday; and help train and support volunteers during shift at
the market.
* Help coordinate event supplies each week.
* Send thank-you e-mails to volunteers each week.
* Communicate regularly with the Executive Director and We Care staff
* Conduct field research to determine what growers are doing with their excess food other than donating to
NorthPoint and other Northside organizations that help feed the hungry.
For more information and application process contact Renee Barron, the Executive Director at Zahanati, Inc.: (651) 271-0777