Meet Homecoming Queen Candidate Betsy Hendrick!

Betsy Hendrick

Betsy Hendrick is an early childhood education major from Lake Nebagamon, WI. She currently serves as the president of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority and Order of Omega Honor Society. Learn more about this homecoming queen candidate’s CEHD experience!

 1. What do you plan to do with your major? As a senior, that seems to be the number one question on people’s minds. The easiest answer is I plan to be a lifelong learner with the foundation of Early Childhood Education.

2. Are you in any clubs or organizations on campus? I currently serve as President for both Gamma Phi Beta Sorority and Order of Omega Honor Society. I am also involved in starting the Early Childhood Student Organization. I am hoping to attend some Students For Education Reform meetings as well as Autism Speaks. 

3. What has been your favorite college class so far? What made it such a good experience? Behavioral and Emotional Problems of Children (CPsy 4311) has been by far my favorite class. Ann Masten has a wealth of vast knowledge and is engaging during lecture.

4. Where is the best study spot on/around campus? When I’m studying for a big test I like to use the small classrooms in STSS to study in groups. You can project onto the TVs and use the whiteboards to write out examples and key points.

5. What are some moments that have defined your college experience at the University of Minnesota? Becoming a member of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority as a freshman set the foundation for my college career. Every day the women in my chapter motivate me to be a better sister, member and leader. My sorority also opened many of the doors that brought me to applying for Homecoming Royalty and gave me the skills necessary to take on such an amazing honor.

6. Have you studied abroad/ do you plan on studying abroad? Briefly describe your experience. I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark and Istanbul, Turkey with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad program called Children in a Multicultural Context. I was able to experience many childcare settings in both locations including an amazing Forest Kindergarten outside Copenhagen.

7. What is your advice for current CEHD students looking to get the most out of their undergrad experience? Take yourself out of your comfort zone. For each person this may look different, but I truly believe that the best way to learn is through experience. So have the tough conversations, go on adventures, and put yourself out there. You will be amazed at what happens!

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Meet Homecoming Candidate Paige Kazak!

Paige Kazak

Paige is a senior here at the University of Minnesota studying Elementary Education with a minor in Art. She is originally from Hudson, WI. Paige is on the Spirit Squad and has spent her four years here at the U cheering on our Gophers to victory in football! Learn more about Paige and her CEHD Undergraduate experience.

1. What has been your most meaningful undergraduate experience in CEHD?

I think my most meaningful undergraduate experience would have to be the teaching practicums that my elementary education program incorporates into my major. It seems that a lot of time, people in general will say that college didn’t actually give them the skills they needed for their career, that they learned the technicalities when they got there. This program has allowed me to actually do what I love in a hands on way that not only educates me as a future teacher, but also provides meaning and drive, that fuel my future goals.

2. What are your post-graduation goals?

After graduation I will hopefully be enrolled in the Initial Licensure Program here at the U, student teaching and working on my teaching license as well as receiving a Master’s degree. From there I will just have to see where life takes me! I would love to travel and have some teaching experiences in a country other than the U.S. but eventually I plan to end up somewhere around the area, teaching first grade, staying close to my family, and getting involved in the community. I also have quite the extravagant bucket list.

3. If you could give CEHD freshman a piece of advice, what would it be?

I think the best advice that I could give not only to CEHD freshman, but all freshman in general, is to really appreciate your time here at this amazing university. It sounds cliché, but the years really do fly by. So live it up, because I personally think the best way to leave college is without any regrets. So go to the sports games, embrace that all nighter, join a random club; take advantage of all of the opportunities that you are given, because there really is no place like college, and in my opinion, no place like the University of Minnesota.

4. What is one of your funniest memories at the U of M?

I think that most of my memories somehow involve Goldy, my favorite little mischievous gopher. We’ve had some great moments over the years but my favorite has to be just a few weeks ago. Helping out at Party on the Plaza with the homecoming court, Goldy came to say hello. We like to impersonate each other, so I walk around and do my best Goldy impression, while he normally works on some cheer moves and toe touches. This time though, he thought it would be fun to borrow my homecoming tiara. Somewhere along the lines of modeling my homecoming wear, the poor clumsy little gopher dropped my crown as it bounced, probably about four or five times, down on the cement, almost smashing into a million pieces! Poor Goldy got scared and hid for a while until I told him he was forgiven and we made up. I could never stay mad at my Goldy!

5. What is your favorite group you are involved in on campus?

Saying that the University of Minnesota Spirit Squad is my favorite group on campus would be an understatement. They are a second family to me. This program has made me a better person and will always be there for me. Having the opportunity to cheer at such an amazing school has really just been the experience of a lifetime not only because of the opportunities it has provided me, but also because of the experiences. It has been a privilege to be a part of something that’s bigger than me and represent my school with pride.

6. What is your favorite campus restaurant?

My favorite restaurant on campus would definitely have to be Annie’s Parlor. It’s a family favorite and their strawberry Oreo milkshakes are to die for!

7. Is there anywhere off the beaten path here in the Twin Cities you would recommend U students to check out?

One of my greatest discoveries in the Twin Cities would have to be Minnehaha Falls. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but it’s also just a great place to explore, have fun and get away from all of the books.

8. What was the best class you took in CEHD?

Behaviors Analysis and Classroom Management was one of my favorite classes through out my time here. It taught me how to analyze student behavior and make effective corrections in the right way. I also learned skills and techniques that I not only used in my practicums, but will surely carry with me to future schools. This fun and interactive class was both a joy and a valuable experience.

9. If you could give a shout-out to one professor, who would it be and what would you say?

Shout out to Amy Kunkel! You have had some of the most effective teaching techniques that I have encountered here at the U, and you also managed to make classes a blast!

10. What Gopher team is your favorite to cheer on?

As a gopher cheerleader, I feel as though I really just have a love of all sports, but there’s nothing like running out onto TCF Bank Stadium, looking out into the crowd and seeing that overwhelming audience of Gopher fans. Football games are really one of the best experiences I’ve been given the opportunity to be a part of. I wouldn’t trade the game day experience for anything!

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Back-to-School Tips for UMN Students

  • Always keep a Ziplock bag handy! You never know when you will run into free food.
  • GopherGuide or planner can be a lifesaver for balancing schoolwork and events.
  • Make sure to catch a Gopher football game. There is nothing better than a fall day at the TCF Bank Stadium.
  • GET YOUR TICKETS FOR THE HOMECOMING CONCERT! Take a break from your math homework and focus on this equation: Hoodie Allen + Passion Pit = MUST SEE.
  • Going for a run on the Stone Arch Bridge is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful summer (for a limited time…) weather.
  • Mark your calendars for the Gopher Adventure Race on Oct. 4th. Cheer on the teams or sign-up to participate in one of the most action-packed days on campus.

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