Procrastinator-friendly Registration Tips

Getting ready for registration can be stressful– especially if you’ve been busy binge-watching new episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, working your days away, or celebrating the warm weather (we can’t blame you!) Whatever was fueling your procrastination, there is no need to worry. We’ll break down registration advice into tweet-sized tips to make registration prep almost as easy to do as it is to doze off in your 8 a.m. (Kidding, professor!)

Registration is early this year, beginning March 23 (AKA the Monday after spring break.) Check your email for your registration time.

If you can’t meet an advisor in person, APAS is the next best thing and the perfect starting point for class planning

APAS is as easy to use as a stoplight. Requirements in green are good to go, while red ones alert you to classes that still need planning.

Advisors can also answer many quick questions via email– make sure to include your student ID #!

Not a morning person? Change the time range option in Class Search to find classes that fit your sleep (and life!) schedule.

Feeling stressed out? Here are some cute baby animals to look at before you continue planning.

If the class you need is full, join the waitlist & show up to the first day of class anyways! Seats can open when students are no-shows.

Need one more credit? Check out departments like PE, EDHD, and PUBH for good options.

Even germaphobes will want to “double dip” thanks to the classes that knock out two (or more) lib eq requirements. Find them here!

Still overwhelmed with all the class planning tools on OneStop? There’s a blog for that!

Good luck and happy planning! 

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Get on Your B-Term A-Game

If you’re looking to get caught up on credits, there’s no need to wait until spring or summer semester. APPS is offering several one-credit classes beginning  the week after spring break. Read on to find out if a B-term is the right fit for you.

Preparing for Meaningful Internships (68857)

Make your internship more than making copies and pouring coffee. This class will teach you how to get the most out of any internship.

Preparing for Meaningful Community Engagement (68903)

Be an asset in any job or situation by learning  successful strategies to engage people.

Teamwork: Surviving to Thriving (69078)

Do you cry a little inside every time your professor assigns a group project? Banish the stress  with a class that takes teamwork from no way to better than okay.

Graduate School: Exploring, Preparing, Applying (69244)

Whether you’re still making up your mind, or ready to apply, this class is an opportunity to decide if graduate school is the best fit for your future.

Building your Professional Network (69416)

LinkedIn lovers, unite! Learn how to make the connections that will help you in your collegiate and professional career.

Navigating Difficult Conversations (69677)

Difficult conversations are part of life. After taking this class, they get just a little bit easier.

Going Global: Planning, Preparing, Maximizing (69695)

This is the perfect class to take you from daydreaming in French class to living your dream in France.

Effective Interviewing (70223)

Your days of struggling through tricky interview questions like  “Why do you want this job?” and “What’s your biggest weakness?” are long gone thanks to the super-applicable tips this class provides.

 Your Future: Identity, Culture and Career Success (70224)

It seems like everywhere you turn, someone is freaking out about what they want to do after graduation. Thinking about the future is a huge part of college, but it’s not something that has to be done alone.

Leadership for International Students (70285)

It can be hard to take on a leadership role when you’re still adapting to a new culture and environment, but this class makes both of those things just a little bit easier.

Navigating Diversity (70881)

Diversity is a topic that is equally challenging and essential to address. This course will enhance understanding of diversity while providing a platform for discussion.

Two Ways to Register

Option 1:

Visit the OneStop Class Search tool

 Select the term as spring 2015 and  subject as Academic, Professional, and Personal Success- APPS

Find the courses listed as sections under APPS 1620 Current Topics: Strategies for Student Success.


Option 2:

Search the 5-digit number listed above in the Registration page.Register

The deadline to add spring second 7-week session classes without instructor approval is Sunday, March 29.